Solvent weld 40-32 reducer?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by cybervic, Nov 8, 2019.

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    I need to connect a 40mm solvent weld waste pipe to a 32mm compression fitting in a very tight space. Instead of using a compression reducer, is there a solvent weld solution which uses less space?

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    I bet he misses DA. He seemed to enjoy venting at him occasionally. Actually, I used to quite enjoy reading those....
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    I bet we all miss DA.

    But not a lot.
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    Does it not go into a 40mm pipe and reduce it directly to 32mm?
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    You really must try harder Hans ☺☺☺
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    You`re thinking of the 32mm going straight in the other end, aren`t you.
    (Just nod and say yes lol).
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    About 29mm each end,so about same depth as on a solvent fitting I would think,haven't got one to hand to measure.
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    To illustrate the point Dobbie has made about using a 40mm coupling or bend to accept the 40-32 reducer, I’ve posted a couple of pictures of a ‘mock up’

    This may help this post or maybe in the future, it’s a kinda Public Service Information Post so that’s my good deed for the day done :)

    40 and 32mm pipes
    40-32 reducer
    40mm coupling

    Semi assembled to illustrate, fittings not fully pushed home

    The description on SF page for the reducer is very misleading as doesn’t mention this won’t fit direct to the 40mm pipe and no mention of needing to use a coupler, bend, etc

    So, if you don’t know, you don’t know !

    Hope this helps

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  15. dobbie

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    Also need a coupler or bend for the 40mm side of the fitting.
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