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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by miss pickle, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Perfect words for me :) I'm gonna have empty nest syndrome next year :(
    Great song :D
  2. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Means "non shall sleep" in English! Very good ;)
  3. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Up at 4, so probably will. :D:D
  4. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    That is silly o'clock to get up for work :D I don't know where you get your energy from :oops: must be exhausting :eek:
    6a.m fair enough, but 4 ??? To sit in traffic commuting :rolleyes: ohhhh yuck.
  5. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

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  6. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Hahaha! smiley-laughing004.gif Made me laugh on the Rodney bit.
  7. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Correct! It stays. The ELP version that is :)
  8. Rulland

    Rulland Screwfix Select

    Oh mannnn, Mr Screwfix P has slapped my wrist and removed my post/song-6 weeks after I posted it, and the only thing that has occurred since then is Miss Pickles post, cheers Miss P for making Mr P re-read this lot, lol :rolleyes:
  9. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Awwww :( I'm sorry rulland.
    No way would Pete do that! :D He's a nice man!
    I notice how he didn't contribute with a song though :rolleyes:
    I like that brick in the wall song :) hey teacher! Leave them kids alone.
  10. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    You know what this means don't you rulland :rolleyes: on a scale of one to ten your posts are a three IF your lucky. I'm not saying your dull :( but on average you are dull.
    I wish I could go under the radar for 6 weeks without a notice! :D
  11. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    To be fair you always knew you'd get a spanking for that song rulland. It was distasteful!
    Pete has class, power, ok I'm struggling beyond that but he's the boss smiley-dance001.gif
  12. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    I usually post a thread in mid May about the eurovision song contest. Some great music links are on this thread along with a lot of laughs.
  13. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Its October crow :confused: but never mind that :) post us your fav song from last year. Make it good though :oops: I have spuds to peel. I like music when I'm peeling.
  14. That's a decent Fairport song, Miss P^^^^^^^^^^^^ - was it always there?

    (Ah, Sandy Denny - the voice of Zeppelin IV :) )
  15. That guitar and the harmonies reminded me of an amazing band from looong ago.

    Y'know, Chas and Dave.

    Ok, not Chas and Dave. Only Chas. Chas Hodges.

    Who - astonishingly - was once part of a true super-group.

    With Albert Lee on geetarrrr, and the 'mazing Tony Colton (what a voice...)

    Peeps, whatever you are doing, you can put this on - get ready for the hairs on the back of your neck to rise, tingle, tremble...

  16. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    Ok Miss P - no messing about here because some really good songs have been posted on this thread - I know I'm really up against it - so here is the best song ever.
    It's the winning song from Eurovision 1993
  17. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

    Bit off-topic I know, but seeing the Mettalica version of Brothers in Arms,I went on a tour of the D-day beaches earlir this year. Very poignant.:(
  18. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    I did think last years Eurovision songs were well below par miss p yet Sweden were the deserved winners on both song and performance using hi-tech background projection I guess that's the ESC always pushing the boundaries.
    Eurovision in October does seem strange!
  19. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    Having just listened again to those two fantastic tunes I have to say how much better the ESC was in 1993 with a live orchestra backing the singers.

    Not sure when it went all karaoke - bring back the orchestra is what I say.
  20. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Yes! I completely agree crow :) I love an orchestra.

    I also absolutely love choirs. I think Gareth Malone has done a great job of bringing it all back into the limelight. I find choirs so moving! When my daughter was in primary school she used to sing in the school choir and I used to cry every time :D couldn't help myself. I was known for it and the mums used to laugh at me :( every easter and Xmas they would be handing me tissues.

    I would put a few choir songs up for you crow but I dunno how to post songs on here smiley-confused013.gif
    I can only do images.

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