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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by miss pickle, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Rulland

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  4. Jitender

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    Phil has taste;)
  5. Jitender

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    knew you'd like it! enough head bashing for one day.

    p.s. do you think she'll be back ;)
  6. Rulland

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  7. She's bashed one head too many... :rolleyes:
  8. Jitender

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    How about this song Devs, one of my favorite, favorite bands. :)

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  9. Hmmmm... Oasis never did it for me, I'm afraid.

    Yes, they released a couple of very catchy toons, but I find them far too corny - a pastiche of 'early' music - to really enjoy them.

    Ditto with their rials Blur - pinching all that early Floydie stuff.

    The only genuinely original big band of that era was Pulp. And even they only did a few good songs.

    Oasis are not nearly as good a band as they think they are...
  10. Harry Stottle

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    These are some of my favourites:
    O Holy Night (Adam). To my mind Alagna is as good as Domingo
    Core 'ngrato (ungrateful heart) No-one can sing this like Pavarotti
    Sleeping Sun - Nightwish, Tarja Turunen
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  11. Jitender

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    You can bash my head if you want, i dont mind.

    Fresh start
  12. malkie129

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    Yeah. must admit that I didn't mind her bashing my head. it's pretty thick & takes a lot of bashing. :D
  13. KIAB

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    Hard to beat Jussi Björling for O Holy Night.

    Can't post a linky,will later still having connection issues here.
  14. Harry Stottle

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    Yes, a fabulous voice and beautifully sung. Here's the link
  15. Jitender

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  16. Jitender

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    More songs please, keep them coming :)
  17. Jitender

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  18. Jitender

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    Devils gonna kill me if I post any more :eek:, nearly 100 replies :)
  19. Nah!

    I'm chust waiting for a decent song to come along :rolleyes:.

    (Weird movie, that. Don't know if I enjoyed it or not.)
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