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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by miss pickle, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Jitender

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  2. Jitender

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  3. Jitender

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    This group is the best!

  4. PaulBlackpool

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    That song is on the Innerworld CD which is at present in my car. I have quite a decent hi-fi separates system with Marantz amplifier and CD player with Q Acoustics floorstanders. The bass was vibrating my as yet unfitted tall kitchen unit which is stood up in the lounge. I know I cold turn it down but you don't do you.:)
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  5. PaulBlackpool

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    This was a brilliant film. I have still got the Vinyl LP. As I was under the time cosh for my whole working life like most of us I loved the symbolism of him chucking his watch away.
  6. Must give that movie another viewing :)

    The whole soundtrack is fantastic - cracking collection of songs.
  7. PaulBlackpool

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    Came out in August 69 at the end of the Sixties. The best and worst decade in my lifetime.
  8. Jitender

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    That's it I'm buying the CD :)

    See I would never have known about the group, If I hadn't posted the song from Drive.
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  9. PaulBlackpool

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    Yes I should have thanked you for the recommendation.:)
    The only thing about the CD is that it is the duo only. This does not detract from its excellence apart from the "Hero" track does not have the advantage of the College group so the opening electronics are a bit thin. But don't let this put you off buying I am quite surprised you have not got it already.
    Like all "Drive" type cd's don't get done for speeding;)
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  10. Crowsfoot

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    Any Mamas Gun fans on here?

  11. Crowsfoot

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    Although this ones a few years old now it's still a good laugh.

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  12. Jitender

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    Just brought the CD!


    I'm now an Electric Youth Fan :)
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  13. PaulBlackpool

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    The best instrumental of all time?

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  14. Rulland

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  15. Phil the Paver

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    No no no, best instrumental is.

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  16. Rulland

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    All good classics I reckon.
  17. Jitender

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    Chippies gonna kill me for this one :oops:

  18. KIAB

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    What is the greatest guitar riff!

    There also some amazing bass riffs, been trying to come up with a top 10 or 20 of each, very difficult.

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  19. Jitender

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  20. chippie244

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    Music for bed wetters :):)
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