Sound proofing banging in semi detached house!

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Colin509, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Colin509

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    Ok, my new neighbors have 2 young kids that constantly run up and down the stair and bang about constantly and it’s driving me crazy! Had older couple before and was great! Now I feel constantly on edge and want to punch a hole through the wall and tell them to shut the **** up. But it’s kids.. and I can’t ask them to stop playing..

    It’s a new build house with a brick dividing wall with timer and plasterboard walls.

    Their stair case runs down the side where the party wall is and can constantly hear them thumping about. It must be noisey as hell in that house! Put my ear up against the wall and all I could hear was screaming..

    Is there any insulation or sound proofing I can install behind my plasterboard walls to cut out this noise!?

    People are saying aucostic sound proofing won’t work in reviews I’ve read.

    Would thick slab insulation cut out the noise and banging? I’m willing to take down all my plasterboard walls in the party wall to install soundproofing but not sure what to get!

  2. Wayners

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    Remove plasterboard. Acoustic slab insulation.Resilient bars . Sound block board... Hire board lifter as heavy for ceilings. Start with one room and do the walls and ceiling. YouTube will help and places all around the UK that sell this stuff. Buy mine from CCF which is a nationwide distributor of insulation and interior building products to the UK. It's not cheap to do it properly or don't bother.. Try one room first
  3. Colin509

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    Do I need on ceilings also?
  4. xednim

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    dear Colin
    it will cost you a fortune to soundproof the wall, and for your question above yes- you will need to do ceiling as well considering air born and impact sounds...
    is cheaper to buy ear plugs
    someone said- if there is something that you can't fight to win, you have to learn how to live with it...
  5. Colin509

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    Yeah I’ll just need to get used to it and save up to move home I think.. or get them to move out

    They are a complete nightmare..

  6. Wayners

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    To sound proof a room you need to do walls and ceilings, that's why I said do one room first. Your making what I call a interview room like dibble uses so no outside noise

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