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Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by C0N1ST0N, Aug 3, 2019.

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    So I have a 6m x 6m concrete sectional garage which I'm half way through converting. Trouble is I'm way over budget as we speak, I don't want to botch anything however I would like some advice on what the best alternative materials are to soundproof the place.

    I'm in a residential area however no need to advise me on anything to do with that - all above board!

    My plan is to create a stud wall room within the garage itself (about 40mm from concrete wall) then insulate in between studs, breather membrane and board up.

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated on how to make this place more soundproof, or even on how to avoid damp issues, waterproofing etc etc...whatever you think could relate to it!

    FYI I'm a craftsman so I operate a table saw, spiral planer thicknesser, Sanders etc. All my tools have been upgraded and are quite so it's not a full on factory in there.

  2. xednim

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    for optimum performance 4" gap should be allowed, studs should rest on silencing tape, same tape over the studs prior soundproofing plaster board installation, next standard PB but attached to blue one with acoustic filler, gap between the floor, wall and ceiling should be left around 6mm and filled with acoustic sealant eventually acoustic expanding foam,when plastering plaster should't have contact with original floor/wall/ceiling to eliminate bridging, between the joist acoustic rockwool, proper soundproofing wall should have 2 layers of studs where you can weave rockwool covering studs of the internal wall but without that it will do the work anyway
    if currently there is no damp issue I won't bother with tanking/using membrane in there
    you will also need ventilation to the room- if you know how to craft in the timber you can build external buffer (you are saving space at your garage) with extractor fan or negative pressure fan whatever you think will work better for you (I have done it in the past for recording studio and it worked for me
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  3. C0N1ST0N

    C0N1ST0N New Member

    Thanks for that mate, really appreciate it!

  4. JustPhil

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