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    I am planning on soundproofing an interior door. The thinking at the moment is to replace the existing hollow door with a solid core door, a Norseal NOR810 dropseal and NOR720 door seal.

    I have never attempted anything like this before and wanted to see if anyone here has any experience/thoughts on this.

    Can I hang the solid core door on the existing frame without any modification, other than an extra hinge. The house is a 4 year old new build, so should be sound but can’t vouch for the materials or workmanship around the door.

    Norseal seem to have a good name but do a range of drop down seals, the NOR810 is the most expensive so I was taking it to be their best but would appreciate any advice. I am not interested in smoke seals only what will give the maximum sound reduction. Would prefer a seal that sits inside the door, rather than attaching to the front.

    I am a bit confused by the door seal, some photos online seem to suggest that you need to cut a slot in the door and the seal fits in to the slot, others look like an adhesive strip that attaches to the inside of the door frame, Does the seal fit round the top and both sides of the door/frame. Again I’m not sure if NOR720 is the best product from an acoustic point of view. If anyone can clarify I would be grateful.

    If there are any pros out there that cover Lanarkshire and have experience of this kind of work I would be interested in a quote.


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