Soundproofing Loft Conversion Shared Wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Rob-123, May 18, 2018.

  1. Rob-123

    Rob-123 New Member

    I have a loft conversion which I would like to soundproof from noisy neighbours (main source is arguments/laughing and chatting loudly with friends on their part).

    I am currently undergoing renovations in the loft conversion so it’s an ideal time to complete the work.

    We have one breeze block shared wall (semi-detached). What I was going to do was build a stud wall out of 2”x2” timbers, approx 1” away from the shared wall, fixing it to the floor and ceiling. I would fill the voids with 50mm rockwool sound absorbent insulation slabs and plasterboard with a layer of 12.5mm sound bloc plasterboard.

    Can anyone advise me if this sounds like it would work, or if there is anything that needs adding etc.

  2. BMC2000

    BMC2000 Active Member

    Full fix between the stub but leave a gap between stud and the wall. Lift floor boards and make sure no gaps to let sound through

    There are details o ROCKWOOLS website I think or Isover
  3. Rob-123

    Rob-123 New Member

    Thanks for the reply

    That’s the plan, gap of at least 1” between stud wall and breeze block wall.

    Is one layer of sound bloc plasterboard okay is best with 2 layers?
  4. BMC2000

    BMC2000 Active Member

    Sorry, not sure. Look up the details as they show you the dB rating for various builds
  5. BMC2000

    BMC2000 Active Member

  6. Rob-123

    Rob-123 New Member

    Thank you
  7. frosty82

    frosty82 Member

    If you are in the middle of building/renovating I personally would sound insulate the floor as well. We've done our teenage boys room with the rockwool sound insulation as his bedroom is above our dining kitchen. It's made a huge difference, half the time I forget he's here!
    Sound will be travelling through the flooring void as well as through party walls.
    If you could do the floor, it would also help with noise you make in the loft from being an issue in the room you have below.
  8. Rob-123

    Rob-123 New Member

    Thanks Frosty82 :)

    As it happens I have already begun lifting the floors and putting 250mm rockwool down. Basically when we bought the house we were told by solicitor the loft was certificated. A few months after we moved in we found out it wasn’t.

    The council have said to provide a completion certificate we need to rip down all external walls and insulate with 50mm boards and lift the floors as they only have 50mm rockwool :eek: needless to say we’re in the process of suing them.

    The main source of noise is when we are in the loft and the neighbours are in their dining room 2 floors down!

    Hence why I though it a perfect time to build a stud wall against the shared wall and ram it with rockwool.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions on this method?
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