Southeners are now setting the pace.

Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by The Arsenal Man, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Soooooo sorry about that Ponty01.
  2. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Cockney Chelsea are now looking good for the title after scrapping a lucky win against northern Bolton last night :(
  3. Lappin' it NDH

    Lappin' it NDH New Member

    Cockney Chelsea? When was the last time Chelsea was in east london? Next thing u'll be called Arsenal South london pikeys!
  4. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Cockney Chelsea are a team of interbreds matey.
  5. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Tonight, Arsenal will be 2nd in the Prem League.

    Come on you Southerners.

    We are a damn sight richer than northerners!
  6. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Richer in ********.

    Its all over for another season for AFC.
    Oh well no cups again but the promise of playing in the CL next year, only not to win it.
  7. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    2-1 is there a chance, they need all 3 points.
  8. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    A good performance tonight but it did not go our way. Chelsea are now in pole position.

    Great season for Arsenal though. We are looking at our best finish for a few years, and Champions League 1/4 finalists. Not bad!

    Come on Arsenal. The only team to have gone a full season unbeaten! The Cream of Europe!
  9. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Oh yes everybody say hello to IWS,SHE IS BACK, there is only 1 person who speaks * like that.

    Christ thats your best season for a gew years, what nothing.
    Cream of Europe, you dont even know your on club, have a look on there website at there honours in Europe, its funny.

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  10. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Get real man. Arsenal are on the up.

    We are going to be taking Europe by storm - mark my words.
  11. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Here it is, you wouldnt of found it.

    Its pitiful 1 Fairs cup and 1994 cup winners cup beating Parma,who?.

    Christ West Ham have a better European history.
    Laughing all night, thanks.
  12. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    Thanks Ponty you make my point well. Look how we did in the FA Youth Cup!

    As as say, Arsenal are on the up, and with home bred talent!

    Who's your team?
  13. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    As I say ....
  14. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    I see so your 1st 11 cant even get to the semi's in Europe but your Yourth team are going to win it next year.

    It gets better.

    As i say your IWS so end of, see ya.
  15. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    You are totally missing the point (no pun intended!) Ponty. You do seem to be confused, you rattle on that you are an Arsenal supporter, and now I am somebody other than myself.

    We use to have some good chats, but suddenly you no longer support us, but refuse to tell me who you do support.

    Dont take your bad days out on me mate, by coming on here to be argumentative.

    Arsenal, the Team to watch out for!
  16. rome60

    rome60 New Member

    No excuses on last nights match but the Gunners played good football and had 80 per cent of the match but would not have scored if they had played all week.

    If only Wenger had played Van Persie from the start i am sure they would have won,he changed the game completely and played brilliant.Also thought Sol Cambell played well.
  17. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Very gracious Rome60.Good luck next year and since LFC will not be in the CL next year good luck with that.
  18. The Arsenal Man

    The Arsenal Man New Member

    I think you will agree rome60 that the signs are there for Arsenal to emerge as the top team not only in England but also in Europe.

    Had we not lost to the two teams above us a few weeks ago, everybody would now be singing our praises. We are nearly there.
  19. rome60

    rome60 New Member

    I agree what you are saying 100 per cent,Arsenal are a great team now and will be even better next season.They have had a lot of bad injuries and although they have no silverware to show i am sure next year they will win a trophy.They would have won the league this year if Van Persie had not been injured for 5 months,look how he changed the game when he came on against Spurs for 20 mins.:0

    Hoping the media don"t upset things with Fabregas talk about leaving for Barca,Hill-Wood has upset Cesc now saying he probably would"nt get into the Barca team.:(
  20. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Rome60, You will never win in Europe till you learn how to shut the back door, which you really dont know how to door.

    I also agree with Capello comments.
    The English clubs in Europe need to spend, out of the 6 biggest spenders this year there are 4 of the remaining clubs in Europe.

    I have the feeling Messi really wants to play with Cesc, i dont think Messi is coming To AFC.

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