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    I'm about to install decking over the foundations of an old workshop in my garden. There are currently brick/cement columns which the frame for the old workshop floor sat on. They are 650 mm apart which I believe is slightly larger than is recommended for decking. Would I get away with using 150 mm x 50 mm decking joists on top of these short columns and 32mm thick decking boards? Thanks.
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    Hi, If you mean there is a support column every 650mm in every direction then a 6x2 will have no space to span and should be solid as a rock once noggings are fitted, if you can get a double joist on outer edges and think about strapping the joists to the columns to prevent lift as the timber dries
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    Sorry, should have typed “help prevent lift” as timber does what it wants and there’s no 100% way of stopping it:(
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    The problem he isn't so much the size of the joists as to the gap and the thickness of the decking.

    At 650mm gaps any decking is going to bow and bounce, is there no way of fitting a joist in between the piers. ?
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    Fit a doubled up rim joist/ringbeam around the full perimeter of the piers, then fit joist hangers at 400 centres off it, on the shortest span.
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