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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by nakedterry, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    I am going to add more insulation to my roof space and I would like some advice on some products.

    1. The foil bubble wrap loft roll, £13 a roll!.
    2. Knauff Space blanket at £5 a roll. Basically its glass fibre in a bag and it comes in 150mm or 200mm rolls with a foil backing.

    Can anyone tell me if they know if the Knauff stuff is any good.
    Would I get better results using the bubble wrap on top of the existing insulation or by adding the space blanket?
    Its very cold in NI today so a hasty response is appreciated.
  2. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    Knauf ( ) are a well known, reputable firm. The current recommended thickness of insulation is, I think, 270mm. I also think there is a Knauf version with a covering over the fibreglass, which makes it more DIY friendly, available in places like B&Q warehouses. There's plently to read on the Knauf website.
  3. silver_fox

    silver_fox New Member

    I have ordered Space-Blanket from B&Q who are doing a two for one promotion at present, at least in N. Ireland

    Would recommend the 200mm roll.
  4. moffat

    moffat New Member

    Please help! Where oh Where does "naked terry" get KNauf space blanket for £5 a roll. B&Q are selling it for £13.95 a roll (200mm version)!!!
    I want to buy some very soon, so any help and/or advice would be very welcome.

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