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  1. Madridman

    Madridman New Member


    I'm trying to find some of these. Maybe I dont know the name so googling ends up in fail.

    They are stainless steel and screw onto the sides of the cupboards and protect from grease, steam and all that.

    Hope you can help. My cupboards are knackered in these places and these things would be perfect!

    See pics.


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  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    The panels in your pics would suggest to me these would be a complete pain in the neck to "Retrofit" to a kitchen already installed, because of the thickness of them.
    Plant on glass splashbacks would be a much cheaper, quicker and and less painful option i think. You do know that getting grease off of stainless steel is just the same pain as a laminate surface, glass is much easier to keep clean.
  3. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    As above, they look to be 18-20mm thick, either SS edges just turned over or an MDF backing added

    Why don’t you just use thin sheet stainless flat panel, just under a mm thick, cut to size then you just glue onto units (after cleaning both unit and panels)

    I’ve used Metal Supermarkets myself (on-line) for some sheet metal. They were cheaper than a local fabricator

    All edges polished, cut to size, available polished, brushed, etc

    Simple solution
  4. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    The metal is stuck or screwed on over the existing cabinets. It looks like an easy install. Remove the extractor, whack metal sheet (with edges bent over) and put back extractor. I need to change my extractor anyway so no bother in terms of that.

    My kitchen units are fine and it's just this area of mine that is ruined. Laminate peeling off where the steam hit.
    It would be a shame to replace the entire kitchen just for this area. One day, in a few years, I will rip it all out, re tile and fit a new kitchen on a new floor too.

    I want to rent it out so Im looking for a nice "cover" to hide the nasty bit.

    I'll have a look a Metal Supermarkets and see what they can offer. Much better than a home made "bodge" I'm sure.

    If these things were available, I'm sure lots would buy them! Cheap and easy to fit! ..... Business plan for the future. lol.
  5. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    From your own pics, these are clearly at least 18mm thick.
    I'm not sure you are aware, but adding 18mm to both sides of a cooker hood will also include moving ALL the wall cabs on both sides 18mm in each direction ? The same would apply to any base cabs as well......................which in turn may well mean having to change the worktops ?

    A 1mm stainless, or glass plant on will always be the cheaper option, even more so if you are doing it up to rent out.
  6. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    The sheets are 1mm thick in the photos I posted.
  7. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    The pic of the sheet next to the cooker hood is clearly at least 18mm past the door of the cab....................................it's an 18mm plant on. If you can't see that.....................maybe specsavers should be your next call ?
  8. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    I took the pics myself. I will be back at that flat on Thursday. I will show you.

    No need for insults.
  9. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    No insult intended or given..............................just look at how much past the cab door the plant on is.
  10. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    Like I said.... I'll take more pics on Thursday.

    It's a simple 1mm sheet of metal with 90 degree bends in 2 sides. Then its just glued (or screwed) on top of the existing cabinet side.

    Pics on Thursday... Then you or I will be eating our hats!

  11. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    I’m trying to understand what these SS panels are myself

    If you look at the 2 pictures, 1 with door open and other with door closed, looks like they could just be 1mm sheet with front edge turned over so it lips front edge of cabinet (say 15/18mm)

    If you look with door closed, gap to front edge of plinth strip looks same from door and SS panel
  12. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    The pics are somewhat deceiving, I admit. I speak the truth about them being 1mm thick sheets. Yes, the edges are turned over as you say.

    This is why I am searching for some just like it. It seems no one has them or has seen them before. A great thing to buy either when buying a kitchen or to add to an old one like mine. If no one knows the name for them it looks like I'll be finding a local metal worker in my area and trying to explain (in Spanish) what I want.

    The flat belongs to my other half and I saw them and checked to see if they are 1mm thick and easy to retrofit over the top. They are, hence why I want some.
  13. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    If you look at the wall cab pic with the door closed, it is clearly a plant on wall end panel. That is, it looks to be 18mm or so past the door edge.
    The pic of the base one though, looks like it's a replacement base end panel. In other words, the original base end panel has been replaced by the one in the pic.
  14. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    I haven't got any more pics on my phone...

    Have a look at image 2, at the top of the metal. You can see wood. Therefore it's a sheet on top of the existing side panel.
  15. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    No, it's far to "shinny" ...................that is a replacement end panel. The only wood i can see is on the door. I'm not looking at your pics on a phone either..................but a 27inch screen via a proper computer..................maybe i is more blind than i think ? :D
  16. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    Nope.... but Thursday cometh.

    Proof is in the pudding!
  17. Thats definitely not 18mm thick lol
  18. Madridman

    Madridman New Member

    Here you go. A new photo to show it's just a sheet!!

    So.... Anyone know where I can get these??

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  19. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    The pics seemed clear to me from the start!

    As others have said, find a local metal fabricator and they provide replacements. Look for a small firm advertising stainless steel fabrication or handrails. They'll have offcuts of material that'd be fine for you.

    Also as others have said, a coloured glass sheet would be much easier to keep clean. Even a finger print would show on polished s/s.

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