Split Klick Centralising Washers using.

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  1. teabreak

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    Hi fellow bruised knuckled pipe stranglers, help please!
    I have been using some of the above washers ( Screwfix part no 34550) in the past I have used them on basin taps without any trouble, but today I was messing about under the bath to change a pair of bath taps that would not stay put in the centre of the ludicrously big holes the bath is supplied with.
    So I got some centralising washers which are supposed to fit ½" and ¾" taps how the hell do you get the centres out! I assumed that they just snap or punch out but no even butchering with pliers would not shift them.
    In the end I used a hole drill and finished with a half round file. Surely there must be a better way than wasting 20 minutes to make the darn things fit.:(
  2. dcox

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    I’ve just got one out of the van. Don’t recall having to use them on a bath tap. I think I’d try attacking it with a blade to cut it back to the 3/4 size - perhaps one of the small snap off knives.
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  3. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    Just mind your fingers they are tough!;)

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