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  1. The Novice DIYer

    The Novice DIYer New Member

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of bath/sink spouts of not standard threads and diameters?

    IE. They were installed about 15 years ago and my plumber's supplier does not stock these.

    The pipework is recessed but the chrome on the spouts is starting to go.

    I could get these re-chromed but a straight swap would be easier if I could find some.
  2. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

    Can you post a photo?
  3. andy48

    andy48 Screwfix Select

    1. Generally highly specific to make / model of tap. Unless you know make and model I'd say your chances of finding replacements are very small.
    2. The cost of re-chroming can be very high. I had a single large washer done several years ago, and the total cost including postage was £100.
    3. If there is any pitting in the substrate, how are you going to remove it?

    I suspect you have arrived at new tap time.
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  4. The Novice DIYer

    The Novice DIYer New Member

    Taps are fine.

    Just the spout screwed onto the supply pipe.

    Can not change this as recessed into wall although spout unscrews easy enough.

    Got a quote for the re-chrome and was about £80 but big delays.

    Think Ideal Standard but not sure?
  5. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

    Please post a photo.

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