Spraying oil based polyurethane on rough cedar

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by bradleyheathhays, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. bradleyheathhays

    bradleyheathhays New Member

    Well it's me again with the inside part of my barn project. On these inside walls the owner wants to use an oil based Deft interior / exterior polyurethane..


    My best advice from a PPG rep is to spray on the first coat. Let it cure for 24 hrs then pole sand the whole thing with 120 -220 grit (I'll be using 180). Then apply second coat.

    Any advice on back rolling this or what kind of roller cover to use?

    I'm all ears.
  2. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    As the dear leader would tweet "How SAD".

    Personally I'd use a modern water based coating, partly for the fumes (you'll need a gas mask!), they dry quicker, and clean up more easily. Also I find the WB products soak better into the wood, especially if the first coat if thinned. PU seems more prone to yellowing, and they tend to sit on the surface hence prone to peeling or chipping.

    I guess the exterior is already underway? There are some great products from companies like OSMO that are great on exterior rough wood. You can really feel them soaking in if you apply by hand.
  3. bradleyheathhays

    bradleyheathhays New Member

    Thanks for your advice Richard. Yes our dear leader can go lay and egg far as I'm concerned. Train wreck day after day.

    We have a lot of rain here so the exterior is on hold still. I'll have to talk to the PPG rep to see why he's suggesting oil based. He said you 'could' use water based so I'll see if we can go in that direction. Although I have some large floor fans I'm not looking forward to those kinds of fumes.
  4. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    Use a WB coating that's suitable for wood floors, that should be durable for the stalls and washing down.

    They do realise that WB results in a tough acrylic?
  5. bradleyheathhays

    bradleyheathhays New Member

    I'm not sure what they're thinking one way or the other. Wish I was in a better position to give constructive advice.

    The PPG rep has suggested a product called Deft Int / Ext Polyurethane, oil based. I'm not familiar with it but it's supposed to be highly recommended.

    Would you say a WB touch acrylic is what you would want in this case?
  6. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    I'm no expert on coatings just that I every summer as a teenager revarnishing floors at my Dad's school with PU. He thought it was great it but I hated the smell!

    Water based for varnishes hit the mainstream just as I got my first house with bare boards. It was heaven without the smell.

    I do prefer the look, they don't look like the varnish is sitting on top, the wood didn't look covered over with something if you know what I mean
  7. bradleyheathhays

    bradleyheathhays New Member

    Any more advice on how to make this look the best it can?

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