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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by stevie.c, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. stevie.c

    stevie.c New Member

    hi all,ive jump across from the chippies board .Christmas is coming and i want to re-decorate my dining room,its been 3 years since the room was totally refurbished{ie.new skirts,archs,door etc}and because its got solid fuel fire and computer in the room ,its started to look a bit jaded.Im not to bad with the old brush and dont mind sanding down,What i want to know is what should i takle first,ie.sand down woodwork,undercoat woodwork,paint ceiling,walls and finally gloss woodwork.Any advice would be appeciated.Cheers steve
  2. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    Yup, that order, but I would wash down the walls and woodwork if you have a solid fuel fire.
  3. stevie.c

    stevie.c New Member

    cait, will just water and a cloth do,or do i need some type of detergent


    if the wood work is really dirty use sugar soap mate
    if not use soap and water
  5. stevie.c

    stevie.c New Member

    thanks all ,steve
  6. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    I'd use sugar soap for walls and ceilings too personally and I use a bucket and a wall brush and a decorators sponge. Wash and scrub it on with the brush, wipe off with the sponge, that's for the walls. Woodwork needs less scrubbing as it's not absorbant paint.

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