Stabilising metal arch in garden

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by james762, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Hi, so we've got a metal arch in the garden with a climbing plant on it. Didn't prune it much this year and now the plant is pulling the arch over. It's leaning at an alarming angle and we are worried it might collapse:

    IMG_20190603_201502.jpg IMG_20190603_201512.jpg

    The arch is just embedded into the ground.

    Looking for some views on what to do about this - without chopping the whole thing down!

    Thinking about some heavy pruning at the top to take the weight off, then some concrete around the legs to hold the arch vertical. Thoughts?

    Cheers :)
  2. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    fit some hooks onto the shed and get some thick gauge florists wire and tie it to the shed
  3. KIAB

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  4. Astramax

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    Cut it down, re- set the arch and start again, securing it to the shed is a temporary measure and will not work long will grow again..........sometimes you have to make hard choices.
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