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  1. dc99001

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to build a stable/field shelter. It would be getting built on compacted hardcore but I am wanting to put a layer of concrete/brick in before putting a timber frame on top of that to prevent the wood getting damp. The existing stables we have were built straight onto the ground and are basically rotting from the bottom up. One way I was thinking of doing that was using concrete lintels underneath the timber. Would this work or can anyone think of any issues.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Isitreally

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    I've done a few stable block bases.

    I've always cast a concrete slab and then set out 2 courses high engineering bricks to sit the timber structure on.
  3. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Spot on.

    And run a dpc on top of the bricks for timber to sit on,& I would also give timber one or two coats of Everbuild Lumberjack Triple Action Wood Treatment. (from competitor)

    You can add fibre to the concrete,looking at 150mm for the base & add a additive for making concrete urine resistant, looking at a urine resistant RC45 mix.
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  4. dc99001

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    I had been looking to get a concrete base, however the price to get someone to do it was a bit out of reach and not confident in doing that size of area myself. What I was basically thinking is if I had compacted hardcore I'd lay the lintels lined out where the walls of the stable would go. My assumption being that the lintels would take the load no problem and that would provide the base to keep the wood off any lying water. I was going to use a dpc between the lintels and coat the timbet. I was going to use kingfisher but I'll check out the everbuikd as well.
  5. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Lumberjack Triple Action Wood Treatment excellent product.
  6. Richard_

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    If you are capable of building the stable you can do the slab yourself.

    Just lay out 150 wide timbers around the perimeter firmly fixed to pegs in the ground. Phone your local mix on site company and they'll fill it with concrete for you. You'll need a long timber beam to level the surface, simply drag it along with each end resting on the timber edging.

    Drop in some A142 reinforcement mesh, stamp on it (wearing wellies) to get it roughly halfway down.


    Having said that, here's a building resting on nothing but car tyres filled with gravel, and I've done a building on sleepers on hardcore.

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  7. dc99001

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    I've seen a few on sleepers on hardcore that seemed stable enough. That's why I was thinking the lintels would be strong enough but also provide the water barrier.

    I guess it would be simple enough. What we have is a 13 x 10 m area which we are looking to be a small area of hard standing and then eventually build to separate stable blocks of 3.6m X 7.2m roughly.

    So the options I have considered are.

    1. Concrete the whole area. Definetly don't think I could do that myself. I emailed six local companies for that work. Only one company got back and quoted £6500. That would of been for digging the area out, filling in with 200mm hardcore then 200mm concrete on top. I've no idea if that is a reasonable quote or not but it's more than I can afford in the near future.

    2. Do the whole area as hardcore. This would require digging out to some extent then filling in with hardcore. I'm waiting for a quote for this. I'd be happy filling in and compacting the hardcore myself but I suspect it would take a long time to dig out.

    3. Option three. Concrete to pads slightly larger than the stable footprint and then fill in with hardcore around them to roughly the same height. Again main issue is digging out that amount of ground.

    Option 1 would be the best option but not at those prices. I guess option 3 would give a good base and could be done in increments.
  8. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    You only need to dig out the top soil, it's not usually that deep, then build up from there once it is level. I'd be happy with 150 hardcore + 150 concrete with A142 mesh for the stables. Actual 120 concrete would be OK but the extra inch with 150 gives you a bit of tolerance in your levels.

    Stone hard standing should be 200. Use "terram" under all the hard core, it makes a massive difference to the life of the bases, especially avoiding ruts if you drive over the stone hardstanding.

    Mini digger hire is 150 to 200 a day so have fun for a weekend! Just park it out of sight over night, ideally in a spare stable.
  9. dc99001

    dc99001 New Member

    Thanks for all the advice to everyone. Will try to cost the different options and see what works out as most practical.

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