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  1. NOLID

    NOLID New Member

    Hi everyone,I have just used a combination stain and varnish,when leaving to dry I get a lot of little bubbles I think,and when dry I get rough surface,I rubbed it down and reaplied but still the same results,got to get it smooth finish or er indoors will stop my tap, thanks ,NOLID.
  2. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    it sounds a bit strange was the wood a bit dusty eg had you sanded it and not wiped it off properly!!!!!!!
    if your varnish is waterbased[accrylic]the grain will lift
    when you varnish it
    iff its a matt varnish you may not get asmooth finnish
    also varnishes and wood glue don't like tempratures
    below about 10 degrees [if you do it out side with a wind
    can play havoc[wind chill and all that

    big all
  3. NOLID

    NOLID New Member

    THANKS ALL,maybe you are right could be dust,although I did wipe and all that,it is Satin finish,It's just the wee bubbles that keep happening,tried it outdoors once up north freezing ,now I'm a jew,lol. NOLID
  4. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Combination stain and varnish:(:(:(

    Sounds to me like you are putting it on too thick and in the cold the stuff doesn't flow so well.

    Try a number of thin coats, you could thin it but not always a good idea with the quick drying types.
  5. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    It could be air bubbles caused by stirring. If you shake the can or mix it too vigorously then air bubbles get in and cannot escape leaving the little bumps. Use a cordless drill with a bent bit of wire to stir it on slow.

    The other problem is dust. Always paint in a different area to that which you sand as airborne dust will settle.

    Your brush may be holding dust as well.

    Finally brushing can introduce air bubbles, do smooth actions.

    Hope this helps

  6. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    typical... use v*ish and see what happens..........
  7. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Wolf, I was looking on which is a very good site but they don't have a good word to say about oil as they all seem to be varnishers. Strange how things have polarised, but perhaps it is your influence

  8. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    Woodsmith dear chap.. i have kept hearing about this "ukwoodwork" forum!!! and before i say anything else, if any of you guys are heeding advise from this PLEASE be careful......and sorry if i offend you guys , i do NOT mean too!! OKAY!......i just registered today to see what was what..............larff!!!!!! not many...i cried myself silly.... "WATER BASED POLY GLUES!????" varnishing OAK!!!!and chosing tools because they like the handles!!!!! i KIN well ask you!!and only about 10-15% of them are actually connected to the timber trades as such!!! i looked up most of the "PROFILES" the page should really be called " THE UK-BEGINNERS-WOODWORK FORUM" some of the stuff that they were coming out with is horrendous... too many SKY woodworking programmes i think!!!!! this site seems to me to be one to be a bit wary off!!!!!
    if any of you think different let me know!!!!!
  9. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    Coggy, and Woodsmith... they ain't you guys are they!?? "coggy" and "keith"(wales??)
    regards matt :l0l:
  10. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    You mean you didn't find me there Matt?
    They seem to be pushing Liberon for all it's worth.
    One of my 1st posts there was on a topic about routers. They push the Trend like mad & shot me down in flames when I said that the T5 was a copy of the Swiss Perles808.
    I see one of the moderators is a 16 year old. Not that youth should be discouraged, quite the opposite. I once had a 16year old apprentice who hadn't got set in his ways & made suggestions that were better than most skilled toolmakers had made. He had listened, learned & taken in the best & discounted the rubbish.
    The only welcome I had there was a private message from Scrit who has ben here as well.
    I like my wood to be like I should be. Well oiled. ;)
  11. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Wolf I'm KeithS on that site as someone was already woodsmith :(, I asked a question about the Leigh mortising jig having read an excelent review and got a very good reply. You just have to be selective, like with anything.

  12. NOLID

    NOLID New Member

    Hi ppl,yes WOLF,thats what most of us are begininners,and maybe that site should be named as such,we all have to start s/where,and use our discretion as to what is and what is not,so do not be so smug,even you had to start s/where, NOLID
  13. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Wolf I've had more time to look at this site and, as usual, you are right;)

    There is some very poor advice which goes completely unchallenged, which is the opposite of here, where you get challenged even if you give good advice .

    They had been going on over many post about the poor quality of British woodworking mags, I asked them for some positive ideas of what they wanted and as yet no reply, except from someone not "wishing to sound totally crass and rude" . A nice welcome for a "forum newbie"

  14. johnjin

    johnjin New Member

    Words of wisdom from Nolid in my opinion
    There is no doubting Wolf's knowledge with wood but I wonder about other his knowledge of other subjects that he may be interested in. Many people are very knowledgeable in there everyday work and can be dumdbos when it comes to a hobby that they would like to take up. UKworkshop is a very good site in my opinion and if the advice given there is not as good as it could be, it is more than lightly because there arn't enough skilled people there giving advice. I have noticed several people from these forums there and have heard some good advice from them. People like Wordsmith And Wolf could do a lot of good there and I am sure their help and advice would be appreciated. That site definitely helps and encourages beginners one hell of a lot. We all begin somewhere.
    Thanks for listening to the rant
  15. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    hi guys and girls... this reply is directed at answering both NOLID's and JOHNJIN's replys to my posting about the "ukwoodshop"... and i am definately NOT being smug, and i also do not take offence at things unless directed to me point blank.... what i was actually stating was that this site does not contain any wording/warning about the fact that it is not a professional site, and people ARE going to it for advise... which a lot of the time is dangerous... they even have a survey running which asks how often do you use your saw bench/table saw with out it's guarding in position..... NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! ok , i admit that even im my workshop there are the odd time when it is a must to do so, BUT we know what the machine can/can't do to both us and timber etc: and take precautions to avoid this... there they are basically stating it is safe to do so!!!!!
    on the home page it states "we will start from the basic's to advanced projects" which to some sounds like it is a professional site....
    i will post again in a little while regards this as i have to deal with a small problem sorry to stop mid post guys
  16. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Johnjin, I have just looked on the UKW site, still no replies to my post, but they are now having a debate as to whether they want people like me on their forum at all.

    I think it is abundantly clear that people like Wolf and I are happy to advise on woodworking as it is something we both love, 1600+ posts between us, when we both have demanding jobs is proof of that. It always heartens me when someone takes up woodwork as working with wood is such a wonderful thing to do.

  17. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    sorry guys got side tracked with small domestic(bloody kids!!)problem!!!! anyone want a step son.. going cheap!!

    now then, NOLID, you stated that WE all have to start some where, and of course we all do !! i did once.. but it would be nice for you guys to "start" at the right place!! and i have learnt from my early mistakes, and can back up my points of view with sound knowlegde, where as some of the stuff stated by these guys on the UKW site, well it must have come... well from mars as some of the "YOU MUST" do this and that, is plainly down right stupid and dangerous as well!!!
    hi DEWY, just for you yes i did notice you had been there too!!!! tsk! tsk!
    and Johnjin, you stated about the fact that i may not be o-fay with my hobby/ies etc .. but i the fact is that i have enough savvy to check something out before i take advise from a site as gospel.. i would read quite a few posts/forums to see if things made sense, and like i have, i read peoples profiles to see if they have enough age/experience to be telling people the best way to do some thing!!!! i know that you have a right to RANT as you so politely put it...
    i just overall feel the site is not clear as to what it is supposed to be .. what it is offering or the fact that there are major discreppances on what it preaches...
    regards matt
  18. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    have got the ukw site running on another comput in my office, and found a forum regarding electrics/usa power tools and the fact that it is safe to use them, provided you plug them in to either a travel socket first, or a site 110v transformer......... one diamond quote, is they will run a little hot, but should be good for years!!!
    apart from the fact that the cycles (hertz) is totally different on theirs to our electric .. well total wacko dangerous...
    see what i mean....
  19. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    I suppose you noticed that noone had bothered replying in the last 2 weeks?
  20. cadmaster

    cadmaster New Member

    Okay Gentlemen

    There seems some confusion in the postings, so just for clarification UKW

    Does it stand for :- UK Workshop or UK Woodshop ?

    Oh and Wolf does your stepson have a strong back, 3 year warranty and a money back guarantee. Will you take Euros?

    The farmer down our lane is looking for a likely Lad and the bonus to you is the lane is in back end of nowhere in Ireland.

    On lee Jo King


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