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  1. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Hi all

    Wolf, yes i must confess that it is me. i do use that site, not as much as this one and basically take what i like and leave the rest. I have had some excellent replies, and some bad ones too.

    Be ggod to have you guys on there

  2. coggy

    coggy New Member


    there are replys now to your post asking you to give some examples backing up your comment. Might want to check it out mate.

  3. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Thanks Coggy I don't think they like me over there ;)

    Should have taken my gun, got ambushed at dawn:D

  4. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Dont worry mate, your tooled up with plenty of knowledge, it would be there forums loss to lose your experience.

    P.S I have e-mailed you about your laser level


    PPS How do you post them smiley faces ???
  5. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    Nothing wrong with a good argument Keith so long as you learn from it.
    I used to work with a west indian. This guy was one of the strongest men I have ever known. He could carry steel billets that others needed a fork lift for & we often argued like mad. On one occasion our voices were well raised when someone stepped in to seperate us whereby we both told him to butt out. What they didnt realise was that we both had the greatest respect for eachother & learned a heck of a lot from our arguments. I once pinned an 'Enoch Powell for PM' on his back approaching a general election. The forman took it off but my mate agreed that Enoch would make a great PM because of his forthright ways.
  6. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Dewy what do I learn from this?

    Keep away from the UKW forum

    Coggy lots of posts on emoticons if you do,a search.

  7. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    You dont keep away from anything Keith.
    No matter where you go you can find somthing useful.
    I read an australian forum regularly as well.
    For you cadmaster. Here is the forum in question.
  8. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks i will do a search.

    What about your laser level ? Are they worth there money mate ? and what are the benefits with one? Had no reply from e-mail so posted it here.

  9. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Woodsmith got your e-mail.

    Thanks im up and running with the emoticons:

    Sorry just playing

  10. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    Cadmaster, my youngest step son does have a strong back, but only when he wants to move something, when we ask, it's always , "oh me back hurts " i'm afraid the warranty does not work either... and he definatly does not know one end of a pound coin from the other , let alone euro's... that was what the hassle was about!!!!

    anyway folks, i have only posted a few items on this UKW site, but have had a personnel message from an administrator, telling me i may not be welcome if i keep disagreeing with what clever ones on the site !!!!!!
    bunch of complete tosspotts!!!!!!!!!!! what a way to run an "advise" forum!!!
    regards matt
  11. ColG

    ColG New Member

    So just what is a bevel edged firmer paring chisel wolf? ;)

  12. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    COLG- to be honest, what the guy on the UKW site quoted does not exist in actual fact!! "bevel edged firmer paring chisel... the reason
    while there are dozens of chisel types -each designed for a specific task- there are only thre actual types of chisel, the firmer, the bevelled edge and the mortice chisel...

    1) a "firmer" chisel "QUOTE" the firmer chisel, with its RECTANGULAR,STRAIGHT SIDED blade is strong enough to be driven with a mallet, and is designed for general purpose, everyday work..
    2) a "bevel-edged" chisel. "QUOTE" the bevel edged chisel, sometimes called a paring chisel, has a blade bevelled on both sides, and it is designed for paring and joinery, the bevelled edges allow you to chisel into tight corners without the blade binding..
    and for reference..
    3) the "mortice" chisel.. "QUOTE" the mortise chisel is characterised by having ,straight sided blade tapered from front to back along it's length..

    the quotes are taken from the books the art and practice of wood and woodworking vol:1-4 dated circa 1892 as used by places that teach serious wood working skills such as heritage and national trust colleges....
    you may find things like the chisel described by the other guy, but they are actual barstardisations of actual chisels, just amakers way of getting you to buy a chisel.. look it does 2 jobs!!!!!
  13. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Well Wolf you have really upset them, even I haven't been asked to leave but I'm going of my own free will.

    They asked me to justify why I thought their site contained bad advice and when I did they didn't like it and when the moderator started talking about using a bandsaw to cut up frozen meat I lost the plot.

    But we have a result they have taken the saw table guard poll off the home page. However "professional" woodworkers are coming out of the woodwork declaring they never use a guard and they are OK, still got ten fingers.

    Their site layout is excellent though, pictures and private messages, Screwfix could learn something from them.
  14. Nailed

    Nailed New Member

    Well curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look at that forum.

    Couldn't help laughing when I read the chisel posting by Alf trying to tell Wolf that he's wrong.

    Had a look around and found this posting from Alf the moderator - "That's exactly what I did. The Woodrat was my first major woodworking purchase IIRC. All went downhill from there really... "

    I don't know how long the Woodrat has been around, but it might be a good gauge to his experience...
  15. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    The 1st time I posted on the UKW forum it got edited because it wasnt considered suitible.
    I only posted the link from this site about table saw safety with the 10 year old article from Stamford University in the states.
    One guy who has posted on this forum, Scrit, sent me a PM about it as he had read the post before they edited out the URL & he said they had got a bit funny about things since a change of moderators. Thank you Scrit. I find your posts very informative.
  16. ColG

    ColG New Member

    Hi Wolf

    I seem to remeber from my school woodworking days that infact there were the only three types of chisel. WRT to question posed on the UKW site about a set chisels for £60, your response was spot on. I have a cheapy set that I use to hack wood with on-site and a decent set for use in my shed - I carry a good stone with me to keep my site set honed - something to use as an excuse when I take a Cig break :)

    WRT to the UKW forum, I did a quick scout around the profiles - and to be honest, the guys with the most posts seem to be "amateur woodworkers". This site seems to have a much greater proportion of professionals.

    Advice on here seems to be far more informative and more authoratitive and is given without making the amateur feel like a prat.

    UKW seems to be more of an "enthusiasts club" rather than an advice forum - a little bit like a "train spotters convention". However, there have been some good threads on there but I for one prefer SFX for its advice and just as important its humour and the fact that you guys don't mind being challenged.

  17. ColG

    ColG New Member

    I agree Dewy, Scrit was one of the "good guys"

  18. cadmaster

    cadmaster New Member

    Thanks Dewy

    Wolf, I believe a course of treatment involving an electric cattle prod works wonder, in cases of chronic teenage back problems.
    Hopefully its just a phase he,s going through.

  19. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Yes Scrit is a great guy. I have spoken on the phone to him many times and he really has loads of knowledge. He has helped me so much in setting my business up and with the funding, i can honestly say i would not be where i am with the application if it was not for Scrit. He is also purchaseing some shares in my business when i start trading.

    Great bloke :)

  20. johnjin

    johnjin New Member

    Well Nailed
    Now I'm laughing at you
    If you go back to UK workshop you will see Alf's reply and as usual when it comes to woodworking handtools this man knows what he is talking about.

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