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    NOLID, dont panic dear chap, in our profession we put up with enough silly people to not let a small disagreement worry us, take this morning for instance, went back to a job, to give the Douglas fir newels, spindles, and the handrail(mahog) a final coat of wax as per spec.....god, i was nearly sick on the spot.. the owner has had the resident tosher, rub them down and PAINTED IT ALL WHITE BLOODY GLOSS!!!!!!!!MORON'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is a shame i can't upload piccies here!!! as i took some to show my lot what has happened to our lovely hard graft!!!!
    and my young apprentice read over this item earlier, and reckons that you lot are total wallies, when i questioned him, about what he has said about people i converse with and respect, he replied... well they aren't normal, if some one said how many fingers have you got left, i'd say "8" coz 2 of them are "fum's" .........what a pedantic pillock-ead!!!!!!!!
    regards matt!!!!
    why did i agree to take him on!!??

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