Staining over existing decking stain

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  1. Mypyh4oo

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    Hi all,

    wanted to see if someone had any words of advise in regards to the below issue I am having.
    I had a new decking laid down last year and I stained it using the no nonsense decking stain and it turned out pretty good.

    fast forward to this year I could see that areas had began to peel so I decided to re stain it. I cleaned the decking carefully and removed any flaking areas and smoothed out. I saw online that you could stain over existing stain as long as you did the above.

    anyhow after applying 2 coats I can still see the bits underneath that I sanded back? Have I done something wrong or do I just need to go in with a darker stain in order to cover them?
    see pic for reference.

    thanks in advance

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  2. Tilt

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    Decking stain.......... not good IME. I made the mistake of using it before. I doubt you will recover it unless you can remove all the stain.

    For future, use oil if you can afford to, IMO
  3. Mypyh4oo

    Mypyh4oo Member

    Thanks for the reply. Pretty annoyed to be honest not gonna lie! Is there a paint I could use to cover it up completely or will a darker stain do the job potentially next year?
  4. Tilt

    Tilt Active Member

    Anything (so, paint, stain) that sits on the wood will likely peel sooner or later IMO.

    IMO a solvent based oil is best but only on clean wood. As said, unlikely to recover unless you are able to remove the existing stain.
    Others may have better or differing opinions or experience though.

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