staining primed moulded panel doors

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Wayne K, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Wayne K

    Wayne K New Member

    I have been told that that you can stain white primed moulded panel doors,is this true?
    I propose to fit a new grained white primed door to my bathroom & paint the bathroom side & stain the hall side, if this is correct what would I use to achieve a mahogany look?
  2. apl

    apl Member

    when i worked on site we used to stain both grained and flat exterior doors. We used brown undercoat followed by a walnut stain. We also used a mahogany stain, i can't think of the exact name of the undercoat but it was one of the reds i think. i've never used it on an interior door though but i'm sure there should be no probs. i'd give it two coats of undercoat followed by two top coats.
  3. jcts

    jcts Active Member

    if the door is already primed you will not be able to stain it
  4. Goodwill

    Goodwill Member

    Wayne Kerr,

    Why not try using a prepared oil scumble such as Ratcliffe's. They also supply a recommended ground colour.

    Just for your information: When graining Mahogany the correct ground colour is Terra-cotta and the graining colour is Vandyke Brown and Mahogany Lake or alternatively Burnt Sienna.

    However, as it would appear you have no experience of this kind, I suggest that you use a combination product such as Ratcliffe's. The finish of the ground colour should always be eggshell to allow the scumble to be worked on top of it.

    When the ground is hard dry apply the scumble as evenly as you can in sections following the construction of the door. After applying the scumble try flogging it with the tip of a separate brush (lightly moisten the underside of the bristles with the scumble and wipe off the exceess after each section). Flogging is to strike the surface of the scumble with the flat side of the brush working from the bottom upwards. You could buy a 80mm flogger for around £20.00.

    I have assumed that you do not have any graining tools or understand how to put in the figuring. However, the impressed grain on the door should hold more of the scumble than that in between and so should show up the figuring. You may find that you are satisfied without having to do any flogging. You may have to practice and experiment a little before going for the finished article.

    When the scumble is fully dry then apply two coats of eggshell varnish.

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