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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by pradiators, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. pradiators

    pradiators New Member

    I own a small shop in London.

    To increase showroom space I would like to open up my cellar (which is dry!) I currently have access to the cellar from the back of the shop. This is not ideal as it is hidden from view and not very welcoming to customers.

    I would like to put a staircase in at the front of the shop - well lit by the front window.

    The basement ceiling height is 2.2m

    What I need to know is:

    Is this feasible?
    How much space would the staircase take up?
    How big would the whole in the floor be?
    How much?
    How long?
    Do any (reputable) builders work over christmas? (shop is closed for about 10 days)
    Would these reputable builders charge a premium for working at this time?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    If this was possible, you would need a fire escape, & not up through the shop.
  3. splinter2

    splinter2 New Member

    It would be feasible.
    If you live in a normal house measure the staircase .
    much the same as above
    don't know.
    as above
    A lot of good builders work over the chirstmas period (no work no pay)And would not nessercsry charge a premium just because it is Chirstmas ,but you might have to pay extra by the fact you want a builder at short notice and they will probually realise this is the only time that you seem to want it done.
    Depending what your shop sells as in size of product have you considered a spiral staircase.
    Ohh don't forget the minor detail of any building permission that you might need,fire regs and accessabilty for me and my wheelchair and my blind dog

    MOONSHINE New Member

    Draw up plans submit them to the council & they will get back to you in a year or so.
  5. flyons

    flyons New Member

  6. -chippy_john

    -chippy_john New Member

    How much space would the staircase take up?
    How big would the hole in the floor be?
    How much?
    How long?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    If it's a straight flight, then with a ceiling height in the basement of 2.2m and 2.1m head height required on the stairs the opening will be virtually the same length as the going on the stairs; roughly 3.0m long.

    The width will depend on how many people would need to exit in an amergency, can't imagine a small shop being anything more than the minimum requirement but expect it to be somewhere between 0.8m and 1.0m
  7. pradiators

    pradiators New Member

    Cheers guys

    I'm not keen on spiral staircases - not very welcoming for lots of customers.

    A 3 metre whole is probably too long - it is a small shop. If I had an L shaped staicase I assume that I could have an L shaped whole in the floor - or am I being stupid?

    Would this need planning permission/regs - and would I seriously need another exit in case of fire.

    The basement is only about 5m x 4m if this makes any difference.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    Because it is a retail shop, I do think you may need another fire escape, one that will not take customers back into the shop. I may be wrong on the type of set up you have there, you need to check it out. You need to contact the Council to see if it's visable for you to do this work, if they think it might be ok, then you can draw up plans & submit them. What part of London are you in? & what do you sell?
  9. pradiators

    pradiators New Member

    Cheers Moonie, I'd best give them a call ASAP if I wanna get it done at Christmas (not sure which year!)

    In answer to your question, I'm based in Fulham and sell radiators.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    Have a look at Hammersmith & Fulham council website under planning. I'm just by Battersea park & I bet they are yuppy rads lol.
  11. pradiators

    pradiators New Member

    Of course they are Moonie - you ain't gonna make any money selling butt ugly double convectors to people who's average house price is £1m are you? Wouldn't be a very interesting shop either!!!

    Will check online for guidance. Any approx on price?

    I bet you watched the fireworks last week from your back garden!

    MOONSHINE New Member

    It could be 1m plus. Contact the council first see what they have to say. Have you thought about gas mains power cables etc running along the outside of the shop? lots to take into account. Can't you take a stircase from inside the shop or make good the old one? is it an old cool bunker?
  13. pradiators

    pradiators New Member

    Sorry, I've just re-read my original post and it doesn't really make it clear. I'm wanting to put the staircase in side the shop, just at the front where it can be open and welcoming - and not as though I'm trying to entice people into my torture dungeon via my dingy staicase hidden at the back of the shop.

    Would this require the same regs/planning perm/££££'s.

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