Stand alone electronic TRV heads.

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    In mothers house I have two wifi electronic TRV heads, they work great it has stopped the rooms over heating when the morning sun hits them, and very satisfied.

    However want to rent the house out, and having a hub which requires plug in power and internet connection is asking for problems, it is sure to end up being unplugged while some one charges their phone so causing the valves to fail, at least I think they will fail, unplugged the hub tonight to test what happens.

    So I have seen the Pegler i30 in the screwfix catalogue so thought easy just fit two of them instead, however came to buy them, and no longer listed.

    So what is there which does not need a hub or internet to control the TRV other than the cheap wax things which never seemed to control the temperature being far too slow to react.
  2. JP.

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    Hi MGW. You might be better off looking at the TRV's with liquid sensors instead of wax m8 (I didnt know that some TRV's used wax capsules)..however I cannot see how these would give instantaneous heat control as surely that is impossible?..but apart from that they could give better heat control casement.

    Its one of those things that I put in dimmer category..they get fitted and in the end they are always turned and left on at max my own house the only ones that are set from max position are the ones I fitted on the heated towel rails and the stats I used are Honeywell, they seem to work well with no problems apparent.
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    I did a test last night, I unplugged the USB feed to the hub, room temperatures seem OK, so it seems the program is stored in the valve head not the hub, so it would seem I can unplug the hub and remove it and the TRV heads will continue to work.

    However it would mean the tenant can't adjust the central heating, not really ideal.

    The TRV turns down slowly and also up slowly and the radiator also holds heat, so as the morning sun hits the room, the temperature will always raise to some extent, however with the originally fitted mechanical heads it reached 27 degs and with the electronic just 24 degs so much improved. They were set to 22 degs as close to how I could set them, with electronic easy actually set to 22 but with the mechanical is was very approximate.

    The mechanical clearly just measure air temperature, where as the electronic measures both air and water temperature and corrects the air temperature reading to compensate for the direct heat from the radiator, without the problem of sun through the bay window, the electronic head is really good, set to 22 it is actually 22 but as said the one I have needs a hub and wifi to set it.
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    Take off the electronic valves and replace them with liquid or wax sensors, the standard £10 TRV. Your tenant will be on the phone every minute with issues concerning the electronic valves, or the batteries are flat. Don't make a rod for your own back.
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