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    I am in the planning/ cost estimation for decking in our back garden.

    As the title says the first question is can I use non external coach bolts? Is it best to use external ones?

    I have never noticed any in use that are external coach bolts, they always seem to be the standard steel ones.

    A bit of info.

    I fist looked a a retaining wall but the garden in nearly 9 meters wide. the foundation and concrete blocks were near the £1000 mark without mortar mix or the surface material. So I am now looking at a deck.

    At the moment the grass is steep and uneven, so I plan on removing some of the soil to lower it to a more even slope.

    I was going to attach the deck to the concrete, however when I looked at it the concrete is not very thick and is resting on soil I think. I will dig down and investigate when closer to forming the foundations.

    A few additional questions.

    Will I need noggins or will 600mm space be ok without them?

    There is a public sewer running down the middle (red yellow box is access pannel) so will not be able to support it in the middle.

    I read (and can no longer find where) I read it to have a double frame. Is the best option? Does it make the frame stronger?

    Your opinion and results for post in concrete or anchor in concrete post on anchor? I have read different articles recommending different approach. Every time I do I keep thinking that my plan is wrong.

    Thank you for reading so far and I appreciate and information you can give, weather you answer a question or simply give your advise.

    I have added some images from Sketchup, I have not been able to attach the Sketchup file.

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