Stanley Brandon Mk3 power flue problem

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    Ive got an issue with a Stanley Brandon 60k Mk 3 which had a power flue installed.

    The problem began during the service I carried out (not done for 5 years!) where the burner would just not kick in and everything with the controls & actuators were working fine. Narrowed the issue down to the cooker main pcb was not sending power to the pressure switch on the power flue, I even bypassed the power flue totally hit I still had no power to the control boxes.

    ordered a new pcb and hey presto power now goes to the pressure switch .... burners still won’t come on (now a different problem!). Fan is running and the power flue pressure switch is operating (has 240 on the common & also both live & S/l to the power flue pcb, I know this pcb has a timer for like a post purge function but it’s anything from 2-6 mins to power the replay which then brings the burners on so I’m certain the pcb is at fault!

    problem is I can’t find the pcb or the manuals anywhere and Stanley tech are useless at best for getting back to you! Anyone out here have the power flue manual or parts list??

    also the Brandon mk2/3 dry/dhw parts manual?

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