State of our high street !

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by quasar9, Feb 13, 2024.

  1. Alan22

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    It's not collapse, it's just the true reflection of change, if you take food and everything we now buy on the internet out of the high street the above is a reflection of what your local community needs, we are a society of tattooed vaping gamblers:)
  2. Sparkielev

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    Near where I live there is road which consists of pizza shops, phone shops, Turkish barbers all empty its rougher than Mogadishu
  3. Muzungu

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    [QUOTE="Alan22, post: 2172174, member: 292514" we are a society of tattooed vaping gamblers:)[/QUOTE]
    With smart hair cuts :)
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  4. stevie22

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    With smart hair cuts :)[/QUOTE]

    And lots of fancy mobile phones.
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  5. quasar9

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    pizzerias are perhaps better indicators on health of the high street . It all depends on who and what they are.

    Appearance of artisan/sourdough types (especially those with outdoor tables on the pavement) may indicate an area is going up.

    A cluster of chains like Pizza Express, Dominos, Franka Manca indicates a degree of static stability.

    But appearance of no name budget takeaway pizzerias perhaps indicates a downhill trajectory.
  6. Alan22

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    Yes, and we want the appearance of artisan/sourdough types but won't pay what that costs, so we get no name budget ones and charity shops, I say charity shops, I actually have no idea, I have never bought food on a high street in my life, I'm part of the problem, it's me, I'm holding my hands up, I buy everything that supported the high street in the supermarket or online, I think that removes my right to moan about it.
  7. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    We had three of these artisanal wonders, two have gone bust and I guess the third is not doing well judging by the lack of occupied table. The mid market lot are doing extremely well with P Express literally next door to Franca Manca. The low end too, although further away from the centre are doing well. This in a relatively affluent part of SE. More telling is the number of high end German cars in Lidl and Aldi car parks, almost rivalling that of Waitrose. As they say, the rich know how to look after their money.
  8. Rosso

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    Quasar9's "Pizza Theory" of Socio-economic movement.
    I like it
  9. Alan22

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    Well they know how to support German car manufacturers, Lidl and Aldi, and mid priced pizza shops, we are what we buy and our high streets are a beautiful human expression of us, a more truthful one than the posh car.
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  10. Alan22

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    Specs, drugs and sausage rolls...

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  11. quasar9

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    Looks like Currys are wobbling. Having rebuffed a what they term as an unsolicited bid, they now seem content to see what other offers are on the table. I half suspect they had put out a word seeking offers, perhaps reflecting on their own financial position. Much of it bought on by poor management and predatory staff.

    The two bids are from private equity/venture capital companies and we all know where that will end up. Dixons, the original brand of DSG now only seem to exist in airports.
  12. WildCat

    WildCat Well-Known Member

    The CURY shares are up 33% for the day at the moment.
  13. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    Indeed they are ! But don’t forget the City bets on losers too. Currys share prices have fallen from a high of 1.50 to 50p over the last 2 years. The trend is downwards as likes of AO eat into their market. Traders often pile in when a takeover battle starts, pushing up the price in the hope that any offers must exceed the current trading price, pushing up the price further. They will exit as fast as they came in if not even faster.
  14. WildCat

    WildCat Well-Known Member

    Is AO directly comparable? Although the Currys brand was previously most associated with white goods, it was taken over by Dixons (originally cameras) and also includes the old Carphone and PC World / MicroWarehouse businesses.

    I do buy some things at Currys, although I have to admit I tend to think of it as a browsing showroom.
  15. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    AO sells the same range of goods as DSG albeit its an internet only business and does not sell cameras. Currys is the last large major appliances retailer with a “high street” presence (most are in retail parks) but as you say its become a browsing shop, which translates into a sale for AO or John Lewis.

    Currys was a nice place to work according to those that worked there before its takeover. Dixons brand was already in tatters by that time and DSG decided to remove Dixons from the high street and go with Currys alone. Post takeover, over time, poor management and staff training have led to a situation where it’s become a browsing shop for many. You only have to look at the press for the number of complaints about its service. Talking of JL, its USP apart from its slogan on pricing was its customer service. Sadly that has all but evaporated and JL too is looking at where it’s heading
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  16. WildCat

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    Listing on LSE doesn't always seem to suit UK retail.

    I mainly shop at Aldi and Lidl which are private German companies.

    Asda got taken over by Walmart and then got taken private.

    Morrisons went into private equity.

    SBRY and TSCO have good dividend yields and are regarded as potential takeover targets.

    MKS doesn't know where it's going.

    Boots is now part of WBA (Nasdaq).

    I shop at TKMaxx and have a few shares in TJX (NYSE).

    I also have a few shares in BME (B&M) and PETS (at Home).

    I even have a few shares in KGF (Screwfix)!!!
  17. arrow

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    Who are SBRY, TSCO, and MKS never seen there names anywhere.
  18. quasar9

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    Sainsburys, Tesco, Marks & Spencer’s.
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  19. arrow

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    I only wanted to know what his answer was to the unwarranted bone idleness of not typing out the firms names properly.
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  20. quasar9

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    He is hinting that he is a trader of sorts, using LSE codes much as a pilot might use EGLL or LHR for London Heathrow. Electricians here are possibly the worst offenders, although typing Z is considerably quicker than typing impedance or even the full definition “Impedance, denoted Z, is an expression of the opposition that an electronic component, circuit, or system offers to alternating and/or direct electric current. Impedance is a vector (two-dimensional)quantity consisting of two independent scalar (one-dimensional) phenomena: resistance and reactance”:eek::D;)

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