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    i would like to know your opinions about a 12 mm top plate on a 203x203x86 and a 12 mm bottom plate on a 250x150x16 RHS the effects if any to brickwork

    also your opinions on how to resolve an issue of the hight of RHS steel being 200mm heigher than 2100 doors thanks for your time
    it would be most appreciated my architect is lees than supportive and SE made type errors on through section of RHS regarding size and position of bottom plate so faith in there ability is not high

    the thing is we really put time and effort in to finding these people we have only needed the use of such professions 3 times in 30 years and its so far been disappointing every time

    i have been very impressed with the level of standards of comprehension portrayed
    i have loaded structural drawing and a photo of proposed rear elevation IMG_2736.JPG showing top of doors being 2100

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