steel shed base: advice needed.

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    Hi all,
    First post, so please be gentle!
    We're having an Asgard Gladiator Plus 2 steel shed 14'6" x 7'4" erected on an urban woodland to store forestry equipment. Asgard's base depth recommendation is either 2" or 4" for concrete base or use concrete slabs. The ground is fairly soft as no footfall for many years. We will need to secure the shed to the base and install a ground anchor inside for security. The shed weighs 482kg+/76+stone so is heavy. Equipment stored will be small pro wood chipper, trailer, stump grinder etc. and will need a small workbench.
    We're thinking a 4" concrete base would be better with a damp proof membrane and steel mesh reinforcement, but is there any viable alternative? It is a nature reserve and we don't want to lay all that concrete if there is another option. The base needs to be perfectly level and square as the shed has an integrated steel base and all holes are pre-drilled.
    Many thanks in advance
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    Have a solid concrete base is the best option for shed of that weight,surprised they recommend 100mm concrete, a bit thin for base, would look at 150mm, with mesh & using fibre mix concrete will add more strength.
    You will also need a minimum 150mm MOT 1 for sub base,well, compacted,

    Would have edge of concrete base deeper,at 300mm minimum with mesh.

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    Now on pc,it makes sense,100mm concrete base ok, but with still do edge of base, as earlier as above.
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    Thanks very much for such a detaIled
    reply. Is it possible to ask on here what it might cost for someone to do this and any recommendations? (we’re in UB9 area).

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