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    I have a stone shower tray. It was professionally installed 15 years ago in my victorian house on a suspended timber floor on the first floor. It has developed a hairline crack from one side to another. It came with a lifetime guarantee and I have contacted the manufacturer. They asked me whether the tray had been laid on a bed of cement. I said from memory it hadn't. I am now in dispute with them as they say this invalidates the guarantee. My arguement is that a bed of cement on a suspended floor isn't a lot of good. To allow for waste pipe clearance and a fall over 4 or 5 yards of flooring I seem to remember a wooden frame of 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 was constructed as a cradle and screwed to the floor.
    Your comments would be gratefully received.
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    sorry I dont know how i posted this in carpenters!!
    How do I transfer to plumbers?
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    If you haven't yet done so, just highlight and 'copy' your text, and re-paste it in a new Plumbers' thread.

    However, I think you are about to find how ineffective 'lifetime' guarantees are. They cover only manufacturing defects (like an air bubble in the casting), and will invalidate the warranty if the tray hasn't been installed to the letter of the instructions. Even then, they will look at other causes - too much flex in the floor, etc.

    They'll almost certainly say 'no' to start with, and may suggest they send their 'engineer' to inspect at your cost (possibly refunded if it is their fault). I think you know what they'll find.

    Sometimes, they'll give in if you make a right nuisance of yourself - literally contacting them every week (see who gives in first...:()

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