stopcock not shutting off?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Lawton, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Lawton

    Lawton New Member

    Can anyone give their methods of overcoming this problem? I'm considering freezing the incoming pipework where the knackered stopcock is and straight replacing this hopefully before water melts back.someone has suggested snatching a pushfit stopcock straight on but don't like the thought of this on mains pressure?
  2. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    I wouldn't like to rely on an ice plug holding against mains pressure. Is this the internal stopcock? If so why can't you isolate it by turning off the stopcock in the street?

  3. Lawton

    Lawton New Member

    The main stopcock is not operating as well as internal stopcock, is snatching the only option?
  4. Lawton

    Lawton New Member

    The main stopcock isn't operating as well as the internal one is snatching it the only option?
  5. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    stop cock on main road is water boards problem, so get them to fix that one, for free.
  6. hallbeck

    hallbeck New Member

    I'm not a plumber so might be being cheeky writing in this forum!

    However when i have demolished houses in the past i have clamped off the water pipe - though i have only done this on plastic - either blue of black. I have a special clamp for this but you could probably fashion one from a couple of bits of wood and some screws of even a g clamp.

    Not sure if this is of any help.

    Failing that - ask the water company to fix their stopcock. Should take them more than an age to get round to it!
  7. Jimbo

    Jimbo Screwfix Select

    I read somewhere to mention that you also have a leak in the house and are unable to repair until the street stopcock is fixed, apparently it then it has to be fixed within 24 hours.

    Don't know if this is true or not?
  8. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Don't mess about, get on to your water company, they are usually very prompt and efficient and it is free of charge.
  9. dmp

    dmp New Member

    I had this problem recently and freezing the pipe worked well. Make sure you use a commercial kit and a larger (15 - 22mm) jacket and add the gas as per the instructions. The ice plug lasted no problem on mains (3-4 bar) pressure.
  10. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    hi, if it plastic pipe, you could always dig up the pipe and clamp it, or clamp it near stopcock inside if you have enough plastic showing
  11. barnet bill

    barnet bill New Member

    try undoing the packing box nut then spraying loads of WD40 into it then wait a while.If the handle has sheared off turn the shaft with a small pair of stilsons.Turn it gradualy though open shut open shut.
  12. Guest

    I was working in sunny Croydon not too long back and the stop-cock in the house was shagged so we got in contact with the water authority to clear the blocked up outside stop tap. They told us that because we wanted to use it, it was our problem.

    Cheeky ba$tards. At least good old Yorkshire Water come out here, within 24 hours and clean it out, FREE OF CHARGE.
  13. badgerbait

    badgerbait New Member

    Next door neighbour had a leak on the stop cock in the house. 2cm of copper coming up from floor then stopcock. Water leaking out very quickly, flooding kitchen.
    Rang for a plumber, when he arrived could find no stopcock outside. Neighbour rang united utilities, they said the plumber should freeze the pipe ( standard response ), however , with only 2cm of copper and quite quickly flowing water the plumber said not possible. the water company sent someone out within an hour, excellent , after a bit of looking and checking plans it appears that his house and 4 others in the street do not have a stop cock outside. They then said they would install stop cocks in 12 weeks time !!!!!!!
    They then said the best thing to do was to dig up the front garden to the incoming main and expose enough for the plumber to freeze !!! Which is what happened over the next 8 hours. Thanks to the plumber, Water board fecking useless.
  14. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    How do you freeze flowing water?

  15. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Wessesx Water are very prompt too, usually sort out emergencies immediately and stopcocks by the next day.
  16. ringmain

    ringmain Member

    Severn Trent came out immediately when some vandals ripped some lead piping going to a garden tap that was the wrong side of the stop cock. They wouldn't come back to turn the stop cock back on again for us - not that it mattered, as I had a suitable wrench. Chap was really grumpy to begin with, but a cup of tea and some choccy digestives soon sorted him out!

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