storage heater with an immersion timer ?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by TomGood, Jul 21, 2021 at 11:18 AM.

  1. TomGood

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    I have a lot of storage heaters but would like to come off of E7 and switch to a time of use tariff, (E7 is now very expensive 12p night & 21p day.)
    I'm thinking of using a mechanical Immersion heater timer rated at 16 amp in the place of the on/off switch box next to each heater. I think this will be okay for the heaters (each charge at 3.4kw)

    Does this sound reasonable? I am acutely aware that there could be factors I am ignorant of. I know exactly nothing about electrics so would be getting a sparks to do the work (inc removing the main E7 timer in the meter box)

    by the way I asked 'Timeguard' the maker of the immersion heater timers (NTT01) and they just said they will not comment of the use of their devices ! !
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  3. The Happy Builder

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    As an electrician I would decline this job as you describe it.
  4. spirits are real 2016

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    The E7 timer belongs to the electricity supply company or local DNO and a electrician isnt allowed to change it without permission from them..
  5. nigel willson

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    When I changed my storage heater cu over to a 24 he supply I just cut the cable coming out of time clock and installed it into a single Henley block. Then transferred the tail to another Henley with 25 he supply.
  6. Tony Goddard

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    You can easily obtain old type mechanical E7 timers (the ones that were not radio controlled) refurbished from meter companies like RDL - simply have the DNO move your storage heater fuse box over to 24 hour and put an 80 or 100A timer on the front end.

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