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    Another snippet from the strange world of unphased. Scenario-empty property thats been refurbished. Snow and low temperatures. Burst pipe in house. Also, boiler in garage, secondary condenser cracks, two water pipes to boiler both on compression fittings spring and water in the garage; not nice. Water in the house on ceiling and wet carpets. Water in the garage wet walls and floor.

    Was asked to help because lighting circuit tripped. Wouldn't reset but all other circuits ok. Customer books me to arrive on same day as plumbers so that electrics and pipe burst can be sorted at the same time. So I turned up and was asked to start lifting carpets and floorboards ahead of their arrival. Found lots of water on ceiling, wet joists etc, but no obvious water-affected lighting accessories anywhere. They sent a gas fitter to look at the boiler who turned up after pre-arranged appointment but nobody turned up to sort the house leak. Customer not a happy bunny.

    In the meantime I decided that water wasn't the cause of the tripping mcb so started to look elsewhere. Switched all light switches off and reset the mcb. It held. Hmm. Went around switching lights on one-by-one. Front bedroom "trip". Looked in switch, nothing obvious, looked at rose, nothing obvious, must be switch wire! Up into loft, all boarded out. Traced switch wire and found it trapped under one of the boards, released a screw, pulled wire out, nice screw hole through the cable!!!!!. The loft had been boarded out 12 months ago and the fault was never detected because the light had never been used.

    You couldn't dream it.
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    RCD should be mcb..still unable to edit opening posts then...
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    Nice bit of fault finding Un - no faffing and fault found pronto - the mark of a good electrician.
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    Fault found using the "Listen for the bang" technique.  Nice!

    I hate those calls that start with the "we have had a flood".  They expect you to turn up, wave your magic meter and make everything suddenly work and give them those "your now safe" words....
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    To edit your opening post, go to your right, in 'Actions'  click 'Edit Discussion'.


    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Oh Hands you're so amazin'!

    Do U have signed Photo's your 'People' could send me?
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    Help yourself.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  8. That's pretty nifty :)

    If you now put more hands on the tips of every small finger, and then even smaller hands on every one of the teeny fingers ad infinitum, you'll have one of the Fritzl things.
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    DA you have too much time on your hands :)

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