Strange ceiling rose wiring

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Chooxen, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Chooxen

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    I'm doing some DIY and came across some ceiling wiring I wasn't expecting.

    I'm changing a ceiling light and I've got three cables for this ceiling rose. One seems normal (left cable), LNE, but the other two seem unusual. The cable feeding into switch live (right cable) also has a black wire in the neutral block. There is also one sole live cable (middle cable) feeding into the loop without any earth or neutral.

    Everything's working as it should be but I want to attach a new metal lamp and I'm a bit weary. Can someone break down for me what's going on here and whether the absent earth is a concern?

  2. Teki

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    Can you see if individual cores have been cut further up into the grey twin & earth cable insulation? Each twin & earth cable should have its earth wire connected to the earth terminal.

    The blue wire for the pendent has loose strands and not properly connected to the terminal.
  3. Chooxen

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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I can't see far up at all. The hole behind the rose is tiny and the wood's about 2 inches thick (old house). I'll need to cut into it, which I'll probably end up doing tomorrow.

    Are you thinking that they've been sleeved into the grey insulation wrongly? It had crossed my mind that perhaps one of the neutral wires here is doing nothing and that would account for the missing earth.
  4. Teki

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