Strange radiator goings on

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Bambo, Nov 24, 2022.

  1. Bambo

    Bambo New Member

    Hi, I hope someone can shed some light in a strange thing happening with a radiator. When the heating comes on (only just put it on) with the timer, all but one radiator work fine. The one that doesn't heat up is at the bottom of the house (downstairs toilet). I've bled it etc no difference. However, when I set the time to "continuous" mode, with no other changes to anything, hey presto the radiator heats up fine (along with all the others). Scratching my head as to why this us happening. Any help is much appreciated thanks, Harj.
  2. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    I'm clutching at straws here...
    What sort of radiator valves are they? If they are "smart" wi-fi ones maybe the problem lies there?
  3. Bambo

    Bambo New Member

    Hi Cando, thanks for replying, no where near as modern! There's just bog standard, pretty dated single radiator, I've uploaded a picture. I'm going to wait for the next timer to go on, if it doesn't heat up, I'll switch to continuous and see if there's any difference...

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  4. luna19

    luna19 Member

    Not plumbed into hot water (some where to dry towels ) and when putting it onto continuous the hot water comes on ?
    Does it heat up with just hot water on only ?
  5. Bambo

    Bambo New Member

    Hi Luna19, thanks for replying, no the radiator only comes on with the heating not when just the hot water is on.
    It has worked in the past, since then the 3 port valve and pump has been changed & the system drained and refilled. The timer & thermostat haven't been touched. And like I said, all other radiators work as normal...
  6. Bambo

    Bambo New Member

    Hi, just an update on this, it was me being a numpty. It's nothing to do with the timer or 'continuous' setting. The bottom radiator doesn't heat up when the hot water is on, all the other radiators work. If the heating goes on without the hot water being on then everything works fine. So I guess the hot water is being prioritised - so radiators need balancing? After reading about it, it seems a complicated process, can anyone offer any other suggestions or is this the only path? Many thanks

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