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  1. Madeofale

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    anyone else used these before the ones from wickes, gone off the idea of MR plasterboard so going to use these onto stud walls (bathroom)

    what im wondering is if there still needs to be a vcl between these and the studs or is the combo of the backler boards sealed with the tiles ontop enough to remove issues with the timbers getting moisture in and then in time rotting

    i can only see this being an issue in the shower cubicle area so thought about tanking that section aswell as belts n braces etc but ive read you dont need to tank it thats only really for PB

    The video they have on thier website just shows them fixing it straight to the studs

  2. pppmacca43

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  3. Madeofale

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    yeah thats all the info ive managed to find too, the studs have pir in between and ive ali taped the pir along the joints to the studs but left a good amount clear for adhesive to get hold of the the stud, im just guessing that you dont need a vcl as they havent mentioned one so was wondering if someone was familiar with the process, maybe them being moisture resistant on both sides removes the need
  4. pppmacca43

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    I don’t see why u would need one tbh

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