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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Alex Reynolds, May 21, 2020.

  1. Alex Reynolds

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    Evening all, hoping for a bit of advice and guidance on my front garden/patio.

    I have a front garden and was half way through completion before the lockdown. I put the type 1 down, compacted it and then the lockdown started and I wasn't able to get any more materials such as decorative stone etc to finish it. 6 weeks later, the top layer of the sub base has become quite loose as it's been walked on etc and it appears to be mostly the larger rocks on the surface which I don't think will bind should I put a whacker plate to it again. Is a simple remedy to just add more hardcore to it and whacker it again or is there a finer material I can use such a blinding sand and then whacker it to bind it. My concern about just adding more type 1 is that it's a mixture of size rocks and it really doesn't need the larger sized rocks, it looks like it needs a finer material to bind the larger rocks together. I have some hardcore in my garden that I was going to dispose of but could break up into a fine hardcore, add it to the base and then whacker. what are your guys thoughts?
  2. Alwaysworking

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    No issues with this, the finer stone\dust has made its way down and the bigger stuff has come to the top. If you are at the level you need and have slabs to lay, use the sand and wacker as you would have.

    You may have to pull out some of the larger stone as you wacker along. I'm sure others will offer advice, if there is anything else to add.


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