Subfloor from HELL!

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Sammy29478457, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. Sammy29478457

    Sammy29478457 Member

    Hello guys, I'd like some advice.

    I am decorating one of my old bedrooms that was used as a spare room (aka - open door and thrown in without looking room)

    On removing carpet and lino (yes lino, not underlay!) from 1975, I discovered that almost all the L-shaped nails had risen half inch out from the floorboards and in some cases there was no nails.

    I lifted one of the floorboards out and found steel beams and really rough uneven concrete, no wooden joists, this is a 4th floor block of flats.

    Walking on them makes them jump, squeak and bow making it extremely loud. Is there a cost efficient way of fixing this? Being a flat I'd be very reluctant to use leveling compound as I wouldn't want to add weight and probably wouldn't be able to fully seal it anyway.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Sammy29478457

    Sammy29478457 Member

    I guess I should call the professionals ey?
  3. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    probably wise as it seems you are in a bit of a huff that you haven’t had a response here :)
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  4. Sammy29478457

    Sammy29478457 Member

    So translated as, **** off mate cause you got annoyed at not getting an immediate answer.
  5. Glennuk

    Glennuk Member

    If the flooring is that loose I would be tempted to lift it all as that looks as if they have laid 25x50x3 steel box section on top off rough concrete floor then used metal nail gun to fix boards down (they where used years ago for commercial vehicle floors and would come loose after a bit you can tell by the nails are spiralled and will just twist out once they start coming loose.I would lift the floor remove the steels if there just laid on top of the concrete and replace them with timber ones and at least double the amount they have used as they look to be really big spaces between them and do a raft then shim it level then floor it.
  6. Adamfya

    Adamfya Screwfix Select

    Dont think he said that....
    Dont forget advice hear is free, and the response from the most well knowledged people may take a while. May take days for the person with an answer to read and respond to your questions.
    2.5 hrs later you have shown your upset at a no response to your post.
    On top of that, it is New Years Day - so many will have better things to do than come on here and worry over your flooring...

    Maybe take a trip to mumsnet....and take mustang sally with you
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  7. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    I am no expert on flooring but here are two suggestions for 10. I take your point of not wanting to raise the floor, use levelling compound, add weight or need freeholder-permission as this is a 4th floor flat. But wait till the carpenters respond

    1. Use T&G flooring but instead of secret nailing to a joist, use adhesive like stick all , over imaginary joists. This should hopefully compensate for the rough concrete and being T&G should provide some support to adjoining board

    2. If using thick green fibre underlay works, you could have a fully floating floor using laminates. This can be relatively cheap end of line stuff if you are not fussed as you are using it as a storage room.

    not saying that these will work but how I might approach this if I was in your position
  8. Sammy29478457

    Sammy29478457 Member

    Not another forum defender with his knickers in a twist! Stop making such a big deal out of nothing!

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