Summer / Winter control of heating.

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by MGW, Feb 23, 2019.

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    I switch off heating in the Summer manually, and also switch it on manually in the Winter, however this does not help with a warm patch in Spring or cool patch in Autumn. So it would be nice to automate the heating to switch off in summer and on in Winter.

    So my thoughts, a STC-1000 thermostat is cheap enough, and it can have the gap between off and on set between 0.3°C and 10°C I am thinking set to about 8°C so if the house cools to 14°C then central heating will switch on, and if it warms to 22°C then it will switch off. Since normal thermostat set to 20°C it should never turn off in Winter.

    As to where to put probe, and how to house the STC-1000 that needs some thought, but first what about the general idea, would it work, is it worth it, etc.
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    What boiler you got.
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    Don't start him off :p:p
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    It does seem down to house, now moved house, and the heating is completely different. I do worry about how much oil I will use, and I know the heating has been messed with, the thermostat is completely missing, heard of taking light bulbs, but taking the wireless thermostat is taking it a bit far. I would love to know how they managed with the heating, seems half the wires missing too, from the programmer to the boiler and pumps there was one pair of cables, they could turn heating off/on, but not select central heating or domestic water heating, there were positions on the control knob, but nothing connected to the central heating part.

    To control central heating in main house they had to go outside and down the steps and go inside the flat and plug in or unplug the circulation pump, from what I could make out it had been like that ever since granny flat built.

    Most corrected now, to finish off next week, how people lived with that for 10 years I don't know.

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