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    bit of a odd question. I had been looking at buying a shade sail to go under the gazebo (pictures attached) with the corrugated sheet. The sun sails seem quite expensive so I was looking for a cheaper alternative. i had intended just to nail a sheet of something to give shade to the beams. any ideas?

    thanks very much

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    Look at ripstop fabric, used for sails, kites, parachutes,etc, loads of colours, various weights,put eyelets along the edges then you can run along guide line, like a roman blind.

    Lightweight sailcloth might be also suitable.
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    You may find something similar on ebay.
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    That’s a great help. Thanks for your replies. Not sure how I would fit eyelets ? Do they glue on to the fabric ? Very useful though thanks
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  7. For an area that size, I would look to fit these eyelets at regular points throughout the fabric's area so's it's held up at various points to the beams and not just the outer edges. It would also flap about a lot if not secured, and almost certainly tear out the eyelets if there aren't enough of them.

    Think about how you'd want this to look - the fabric should drape and hang nicely, so think about how many 'pagoda-drapes' you'd want the ceiling to have.

    And post back the results pleeeeez :)
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    oh I see! Alot more sophisticated than my plan just to pin a sheet to the beams! thanks very much for your ideas and advice, I'll have a think about how to approach this


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