Suprise, suprise someones getting stiffed

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by LancashireLad, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. LancashireLad

    LancashireLad New Member

    My (future?) mother-in-law has just had a new kitchen fitted. The oven has a feature on the inside that allows the oven grate to be pulled all the way out but self-supported so you can let go of the grate and work on the food with both hands.

    This was one reason the moother-in-law chose this kitchen set.

    The kitchen was fitted OK, but no support handles. When she contacting the company they said that there was a clause in the contract that said that they were unaccountable for missing items (that were included in the brochure & published on the website) and did not have to provide them. If she contacted the supplier she could buy them seperate (for £60 odd). They have since removed the brochure and picture from their website.

    This is b*!!0@#s surely? From what they are saying they could provide the shell of a microwave and get away with it?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. lojo

    lojo New Member

    Not sure I fully get the picture but;

    1. Exacty what does the contract say about this issue, I am not a lawyer but cant see a contract being able to state that missing goods or parts ordered and paid for dont have to be supplied or we would all be in big trouble

    2. Is the appliance in question a named brand, if so perhaps they will offer better customer service and be happy to be be informed that one of thier agents is giving them a bad name
  3. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    my thought are

    was the wording definitely "missing" or are they your words

    missing to me means should be there

    sometimes the brochures say things like "for illustration only"

    was the sales person aware that the missing "feature" was a deal clincher !!!

    was a specific oven mentioned on the blurd they sometimes say things like "due to improvments changes to the design may take place

    you need to find out exactly what was part of the original contract to be able to work out what you can do

    THIS INCLUDES VERBAL AGREEMENTS with the sales person at time of sale

    big all
  4. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    If its the Neff ovens they show them with the pull outs but they are an added extra that you have to buy separately, what was on the quote, was it the basic oven or did it list the pullouts as well.

    Its a bit like buying a car the small print under the picture lists all the extras that are shown but the price is for the basic model.

  5. fuster

    fuster New Member

    It's a rip-off but that's what sales are. "That's business." Ie. It's ok to rob people as long as it's done with smooth talk.
  6. > It's ok to rob people as long as it's done with smooth talk.

    ..just like you do

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