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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by longboat, May 2, 2017.

  1. fillyboy

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    Apology accepted Jack.
  2. Harry Stottle

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    There you go again DA; you've lost the argument, so you resort to slating your opponent. The only one who's right is filly. The old saying springs to mind "When in a hole stop digging"
  3. Nah - I can multi-task, 'arry.

    I can slate-off anyone on here who has given me just cause, and put across a simple point that the u-s simply cannot answer.

    So, I do think that Filly often acts like a wilfully ignorant twit, and I would like you to tell me the difference betwixt Farage and Trump and Le Pen.

    And explain to me how voting for any of these rancid folk will help people like me and you.

    While you are at it, give me the name of a Leave campaigner who has integrity, innate decency, and is one the side of the ordinary folk of this country. And not out for themselves.

    (This is your fault - you could have chust shut yer mooth. But, no - you have to give it large with your tired old 'spade-digging' metaphor... :p )
  4. Harry Stottle

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    I don't know why they want brexit other than the fact that they believe we'll be much better off out. You could say the same about remainers, some genuinely believe we' would be better off in, but equally some remainers have their own reasons, could they be after plum jobs in Brussels?
  5. Not that your sillyism deserves addressing, but I suspect I wouldn't like the guy very much on a personal level, but I sure do respect him for his abilities and his commitment to the or'nary folk of this country.

    He might even actually be a perfectly pleasant chap too, and not in the least bit 'slimy'.

    He definitely is a bit 'precious' tho', but hey - ain't we all... :oops:
  6. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Screwfix Select

    Calm down DA. Sorry if I've touched a nerve.
  7. Well - no surprise there.

    The most significant and damaging decision you could have taken for this country, shrouded in staggering ignorance.

    I know why you voted, 'arry - your innate bigotry, resentment, suspicion, and belief that you are somehow 'owed' more.

    It drips out of your every post.

  8. Cast aside the 'spade digging' metaphor - and jump straight on to the wishful thinking (and implicitly dishonest 'sorry'!) 'nerve-touching' one! :D


  9. So you openly agree that you dont know why they want brexit for yours and mine, and others like us benefit.

    So, think it through 1 step further?

    Wanting a job in Brussels was not even a consideration of mine. Wanting a good standard of living was though

  10. Explain how filly is right ?

    I re read the article, but didnt get to that assumption
  11. Harry Stottle

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    Jack and DA. It's clear that we are of distinctly different opinions about many things; on the one hand there are yourselves who are left leaning and there's myself who's right leaning, there's no harm in that but it's no reason for you Jack to respond to my opinions by asking silly questions to which you already know the answers, or for DA to respond by being rude.
    I'm off now to sack some estate workers and then to a private airfield where my personal jet is ready to take me to my wine chateau to inspect the grapes, then on to my hunting lodge in the Alps. Sorry boys I'm just dreaming, I should have taken a management job in a nationalised industry.
  12. dwlondon

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    I expect the only way to get away from the recurring brexit issue is to have a


  13. You are very welcome to your opinion, but I do expect you to be able to justify and explain it.

    So what silly question ?
  14. Absolutely, JoT.

    We have different opinions - but we are prepared to justify them.

    So, Farage, Johnson, Davies and May - "I don't know...other than the fact that they believe we'll be much better off out".

    They don't even think that at all.

    Farage knows it'll damage the UK's economy, potentially very seriously, for at least the short and medium term. What will happen long terms is anyone's guess. That is 'guess'. Pure guesswork.

    (Although, to be fair, given enough time, developed countries do always tend to crawl back to a decent growth.)

    So why would Farage want this? Because he is a jingoist. (And a hypocritical one - happy to have his German wife and German-speaking kids...)

    And he'll be ok because he has contacts in financial centres where he'll always have a nice job. And because he wants part or full privatisation of the NHS because he doesn't want to contribute to this institution any more than his own needs require. And because he wants a low tax economy and low social services, where people can either sink or swim. And because he is in cahoots with Bannon and Banks - all of whom want the exact same thing.

    Who's next? Johnson. This one is easy - he does not want out. Never did. But he will do what will advance his career; he has "demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that he is a copper-bottomed, double-dealing hypocritical little s***".

    Davies - well, a bit of an unknown, although I have always suspected him of exploiting the 'civil liberties' issue to further his career (which it did...). That whole episode had a smell of phoniness about it, and the sight of this right-winger trying to pretend he was on the side of civil liberties was pretty hard to swallow. I think his true colours have now come out.

    May? Well, she was a Remainer, wasn't she? Why is she now so bullish about Brexit? Because she is obsessed at being seen as doing her job well (no bad thing on its own...) but this overrides her conscience. She has to do this - she has no other choice, other than to resign. Not a bloomin' chance.

    There, that's why.

    Are you reassured?

    And, ultimately, the Leave campaign is tied to the Trump campaign is tied to the Le Pen campaign is tied to all extreme-right European campaigns.

    By all means keep on claiming you know what you voted for, but you'll also have to accept - by implication - what this actually is; an extreme-right future with low taxation for the wealthiest, privatisation and a reduction in social services. And potentially much much more - as you can see happening in the US.

    So, unless you are a fan of Murdoch and Viscount Rothermere, Arron Banks and Stephen Bannon - and all the powers that are directing them - then you have made a whopper of a mistake with your vote.

    I hope that is now clear.
  15. Harry Stottle

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    What lefties can't understand is that for every pound spent by government, a pound has to be either borrowed or come from tax, As common sense tells, borrowing more without paying back is a road to disaster, therefore the money has to come from tax, that sounds fair enough, but what sector pays the tax? The poor can't afford to because they have very little, the wealthy already pay their fair share (before you squeal DA, the top 10% of earners in the UK pay 60% of the total income tax revenue and the top 5% contribute about 50%) so it falls on the middle classes who already pay 40% of income tax revenue. Now, I'm unashamedly middle class, having worked hard at school and worked hard at work I enjoy a comfortable but not extravagant lifestyle and, like most people, I don't want to pay any more tax than at present, therefore the only solution is for the government to spend less and build the economy. That's why I'm a Conservative.

    As for brexit, I can't see the sense in paying £350M a week into the wasteful EU and only getting half of it back, at the same time allowing all and sundry to come in and help themselves to our hard earned resources.

    Jeremy Corbyn wants to tax the wealthy even more, probably out of envy, but conveniently forgetting that if they are unfairly taxed they'll move abroad taking their business skills and salaries with them, and also forgetting that for every pound taken from them here is a pound less spent locally, he also wants to borrow more without any means of paying it back. Letting Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell loose with the economy will reduce the UK to a basket case.

    You're welcome to your views DA as are everyone else but don't resort to slagging off people who want the best possible lifestyle for everyone, yes everyone. Better lifestyles are only possible with a strong economy and the Conservatives are the only party with the skills and intention required to build it.
  16. Without picking a few points on that.

    What do you think about the contributions to tax made by the very big companies then ?
  17. A completely irrelevant post - nothing to do with addressing the whopping lie you must have swallowed before voting Leave (because the alternative is much worse - this right-wing future is what you actively want).

    And that £350m - rebate or not - is peanuts in the scheme of things. This country has benefited enormously from being in the EU and the only reason we haven't immediately crashed and burned is because we are still in it.

    Many (most?) of the twits who voted Leave thought we'd depart the next day and still rant "WHY HAVEN'T WE LEFT YET?!!" without an iota in understanding that this would have crashed our economy. Instantly.

    So, welcome to the low tax (sorry, mate - 'middle class' ain't good enough - the real benefits will go to those much wealthier than yo. Have you seen who Trump's tax breaks are aimed squarely at - yep, people like himself...) low social services Brave New World.

    No-one likes to pay more tax - that's a statement of the bleedin' obvious. But the rates in this country aren't actually that high, and when you add in one of the lowest rates of corporation tax in the developed countries - along with the classic loop-hole (I think I'll call myself a company and slash my tax bill in quarter...) it's even less.

    'arry - 'you' ain't a 'company', are you? :rolleyes:

    Welcome to Nationalism, Isolationism, Jingoism, undoubtedly increased racism - as the or'nary people start to hurt from this, who do you think they'll blame even more? The multi-millionaires who ran the Leave campaign, or those they perceive as being 'different' to them.

    Because if they were so stupid as to make this decision in the first place, without understanding what it was they were doing, then I am pretty sure what direction their bigotry will take them.

    I have no doubt who the likes of Phail and JJ and Facs will blame. And you can probably add 'arry to that list?

    Listen, man, I'll slate off who I want on this forum - as long as I justify it. When I see avoidance of some basic questions, coupled with cheap attacks on reasoned argument, then I know I ain't going to get very far continuing with chust reason. So forgive me if I have a little fun and an 'outlet' at the same time, and call things as I see them.

    Because we have learned that reasoned discussion on this forum - is mostly pretty pointless.
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  18. Harry Stottle

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    OK DA, if you want to pay more income tax please go ahead, but don't involve me or anyone else (unless they want to of course)
    No I'm not a company, unlike those people who were employed by the BBC. Believe it or not, I do pay my taxes in full and I do take full advantage of allowances.
    As regards slating people, I'm offering you some advice; if you want to persuade people about your views don't resort to slating them without proof. In the meantime I find your slatings amusing, they do help to further discredit your rantings.
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  19. fillyboy

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    Can't argue with that. Well, I spose DA might.:eek:
  20. 'Arry, there is nothing on this planet that will make you contrite, or have any effect on your decision.

    It doesn't matter what I say. It doesn't matter what evidence I plant in your lap that you have been fed a porkie by the uber-establishment who hope to gain - personally - from Leave.

    So that isn't why I either 'argue' with you or 'slate you orf'. 'Cos it's pointless from that point of view.

    So I'll chust keep doing it so's you know you ain't going to be left off t'hook.

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