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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by longboat, May 2, 2017.

  1. Just remember, because you seem to be jumping to the same conclusion as others.

    Both my brother and me agree, fully, that any assets my mother has (a house) should be used to provide a good as possible end of life care for her. I have a sister that wants the house saved!

    But, I see arguments for both ways !

  2. Absoloutely, totally missing the point.

    Making a decision/opinion by looking at 1 question only.

    Fair balanced opinions are not made that way !

  3. You can have exactly the same comment about health care and hospitals too !
  4. joinerjohn1

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    I have every sympathy for you Jack, what a terrible position to be in. Without seeming to be heartless now, because I'm not,, I'm being totally realistic as this is a very, very emotive subject,,, (and please consider your reply, before answering me) Do you see your inheritance disappearing ? (just saw your other reply, well at least your sister does?? ) Families,, who'd have them?
  5. fillyboy

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    Well yes, and quite rightly Jack. Because as JJ said "you're going to have to pay, or at least someone's going to have to pay.", because hospitals aren't really 'free' are they, unless you're jetting in from Nigeria. We do pay for it, the only argument is 'how' we pay for it.

  6. See the post, 2 above !

    Was made much earlier too.

    Im giving a balanced opinion, from having seen what happens !

    I dont begrudge any penny of her assets being used for her care! Not a penny !

    My mum, and dad, on the other hand, worked hard, saved hard, and went without a lot, to build up the assets they want passed on to her grandchildren.

    Why bother buying a house and going without, to save, to see it all taken away, is her very valid point !

  7. What a silly reply.

    I did expect better.

    You dont see 2 sides of the argument?
  8. fillyboy

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    So who pays for hospitals then, who?

  9. We do, taxpayers.

    Would you rather only those that used them paid for them?
  10. fillyboy

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    Thank you.
  11. longboat

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    No, don't do it........
    No, no, no, now stop....
    Don't do it, you know what will happen, stoppppp it,

    Pish off!

    What was the opposing question?
    You've just had the perfect opportunity to make 'all' aware of what that was, but you failed to do so.

    Give me 15 mins, just nipping to asda for some popcorn.

  12. Would you rather only those that use them pay for them?
  13. joinerjohn1

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    Well pointed out Filly. The NHS is "free" at point of contact, for British citizens. I highlight "Free" as we all know there's no such thing as free. We all pay something towards the NHS. Of course the NHS isn't just the hospitals though. Many people forget the doctors surgeries (which are "free") and there's a whole raft of people on "free" prescriptions. There's community nurses going round to people's houses, there's physiotherapists ,chiropodists, health visitors etc, all within the remit of community nursing.
    With the greatest of respect Jack, I'm sure your mum never foresaw a day where she would need such care, and certainly never considered the cost of such care.

  14. Wow clever

    For the juveniles
  15. fillyboy

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    Pick me up a bottle of Merlot while you're there Longs, thanks.
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  16. I seriously hope you never end up with 2 very sick parents.

    1 made sick by work, but no obligation for his health to be taken care of.

    Profits first hey
  17. Absoloutely pointless.

    Waste of time to point out 2 sides of any argument when all you want to see is the easy black and white 1 side.

    You cannot honestly form a balanced opinion until you can see both sides of any argument.

    As has been proved so many times
  18. longboat

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    On yer bike.
    Ye will drink English ale from now on, me lad.
    And let that be an end of it.
  19. longboat

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  20. joinerjohn1

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    Jack, I did say earlier that I personally don't have a problem with not "inheriting" anything from my father. (however other family member do seem to have this problem, same as you I reckon) I do see that healthcare in later life has to be paid for. Remember as we grow older we're more susceptible to the ravages of time.
    Your father,,, "made sick by work, but no obligation to pay for his health to be taken care of" ? Jack , even you can see that future health problems can't be seen in advance? In the 50's and 60's, look how asbestos was treated on building sites and in industry. See just how many people are dying today of asbestosis. Many employers in the industries that used asbestos regularly, no longer exist. Look at how many ex miners die of pneumoconiosis.. Are you saying that simply because mining was a nationalised industry, the government of today should pick up the bill for the care in the final years of all miners?

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