Survey dilemma....negotiate or walk ?

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    Just had the Homebuyers report back on a Victorian terrace I'm in the process of buying.
    To put things into context, I am recently separated and living temporarily with a friend and have money in the bank from the recent sale of the marital home. I am struggling to afford anything in the area that I can also squeeze my 3 children into and this is the only house that has come close in months of watching the market.

    There were many items with the red traffic light, some quite minor, but some quite scary. The scarier ones were....

    - needs a new roof ( has the original roof from 1884, some sunlight can be seen and the timbers inside are showing some high damp readings)

    - the clay drainage pipes underground but viewed through the inspection chamber are cracked.

    - The outhouse has obvious asbestos and the advice from the surveyor was not to use it at all ( it has a tiny garden and this is the only ace for bikes etc.. to go)

    - Lead pipework supplying water to the house

    - Unable to access cold water tank for inspection....could well be surrounded by asbestos

    - Possible rising damp and possible woodworm, requiring furthur report by experts

    It all seems so overwhelming. The obvious thing to do is to walk away as it seems so much to take on by myself, but there is no plan B other than staying in unsuitable temporary accommadation and hope something comes up. If I do this I will miss the stamp duty offer and miss out of my very good mortgage offer that I am porting from my old house.

    Will someone with more house- buying experience tell me what to do next please
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    Go through each of the above list and get some rough ideas of what each will cost you and how urgently each needs to be addressed. The roof is pretty urgent, and it should be possible to get a couple of roofers to give you a ballpark figure for redoing it. The drain pipes can wait until they present a problem. Tens of thousands of houses in the UK have lead water mains, so this is really not urgent. (As an FYI, I bought a rental house and discovered after the fact that it had a lead mains water pipe. I hired a Bulgarian labourer for a day to dig a trench from the water meter on the pavement and into the house and I laid a 25mm MDPE pipe. The whole lot cost £120 for the labourer and I picked up 30m of MDPE pipe off Freecycle, and the couplings came to less than £50.) etc. etc.
    Factor all the expenses into the price you will have to pay for the house, bear in mind that in addressing each of the issues, you're adding enormous value to the house, and you'll end up with a great place to live. I always buy wrecks and turn them into gems, and get a huge amount of fun and satisfaction seeing the transformation. Go for it! What else would you be doing with your time these days? Good luck, and remember, there's a lot of free help here whenever you get stuck.
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    As Roger says go for it,you can get your 3 kids to do the roof first

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