Suspended floor insulation - which type ?

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  1. I've used celotex GA4050 under all my suspended floors. I'm now doing the last room in the house and the price from Travis Perkins has gone up massively. In fact I think GA4000 has been withdrawn from sale. There seems to be various other types of Celotex available but I'm bewildered as to what the differences are. Can anyone please suggest a cost effective alternative to the GA4050 I've been using please? Doesn't have to be Celotex.

    Many thanks.
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    Try Seconds and co on eBay. They sell rejected Kingspan. The main defects are a crease in one of the faces, or out of tolerance on thickness. Some may have a bagged corner or dent. None of which will be a problem for your intended use.
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  3. Thanks for the link. I only need 3 sheets for this project so went with Recital from TP in the end.
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    That makes sense for a small order. They have a depot near York are so it's a no-brainer to pick up half price stuff just an hour away

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