SWA Glands Into Plastic Exterior Mounted Box

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by JP., May 29, 2018.

  1. JP.

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    Afternoon guys. Right basically I have a plastic exterior mounted box (110mm x 110mm) and into said I want bring in 1 x 1.5mm SWA cable and also 1 x 2.5mm SWA cable. Very basic question - but what SWA gland make do you recommend? I can obviously use standard glands, but for instance are the Piranha glands better and maybe a tad more compact? Thanks guys.
  2. JP.

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    Thanks Dobbs for putting me right on that. Its not a Wiska box so as you suggest will go with cw glands and use piranha nuts. All appreciated Dobbs
  3. Lectrician

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    The piranha are not more compact, that's for sure! I prefer the SWA (brand) glands with the brass lock nuts. If inside an enclosure, a brass gland plate is ideal inside the box. They come pre-punched, or plain.
  4. JP.

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    Thanks Lec. See what you mean - could I use the Wiska earth clamp bar inside my box as per Dobbs link? (its not a Wiska box) I know these are silly questions but the last gland joints I did were in metal switch fuse boxes and that was absolutely yonks ago..had no problems doing those. ps : - not worried about the hole spacings inside the box as could always drill own spacing to suit Wiska clamp)
  5. Bob Rathbone

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    I do not believe that a good connection can be made between a brass gland and a banjo brass earth tag when a plastic box is part of the section to be compressed by the nut to make the connection. We should either have a brass gland with an earth pigtail, like with PYRO pots or solder the banjo to the brass gland. I know this is a lot of messing around but it is the only sure way to ensure a long term reliable connection.
  6. peter palmer

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    If I fit a gland to a plastic box and use banjo's I put one on the outside as well as the inside and bolt the lot together, it acts as a washer and tends to pull everything a bit tighter. Those wiska earth bars aren't threaded though, it relies on the screw to tighten down onto the gland so the gland would still need to be secured to the box with a nut anyway.

    Also I have found that certain make CW glands are an absolute sod to get the nut started that clamps down onto the armoured strands, its as if the gap between the ring and body isn't quite big enough. Another mini rant, why is the outer nut on every make gland so ******* thin, its an absolute **** trying to get a spanner to stay on when you are tightening it down to the enclosure and once you clamp the armour down you cant get a spanner in the gap if you need to take it off again and the whole thing then begins to turn and loosens the banjo, I keep meaning to grind a spanner down so it fits in the gap.
  7. Sparkielev

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    Am sure CK do a spanner just for this of job
  8. Sparkielev

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  9. JP.

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    Thanks lads for all your inputs, got enough info now to gland up.

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