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    Assuming the cameras and recorder/DVR are local (in your house) then recording will continue as it only relies on your Cat5 cabling and router to which the devices are connected. But you won't be able to access it remotely without 'ternet.
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    As Dr B:)
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    Right ok thanks Doc and Mr R. Think I am beginning to understand it (new learning for me)

    So in a nutshell if I run cat 5e, then this goes into the Ethernet port on the router (1 port per camera) does the cat 5e cable also carry power to the camera? Guessing I would think not, and the camera requires a separate power cable?
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    Cat 5e won't provide power unless there's some proprietary cabling going on, which I doubt. Cat5e isn't suited to mains voltage anyway!
  5. When he uses Cat 5e for his system it will be POE (power over ethernet)and the system will be suited to this.
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    Ooh, I'll have to google that and see how that works :)
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    Most decent NVR recorders will have two ports. One goes to your router for remote monitoring, the other goes to a PoE switch which all your cameras are plugged into. Cheaper NVRs have only one port, but you would still plug the NVR and your cameras into PoE switch, and this switch into your router. Larger sites would have multiple switches and back bone links.
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    Thanks very much Lec really appreciated m8 - I am being absolutely bone idle on all this, what I will do is have a read up and then post what I think is correct, its like going back to school.

    Doc I didnt mean 230v up the cat m8, flipping eck I wouldn't do that..I was thinking what somewhere around 12v, but that is all immaterial now.

    Also thanks to all for the help.
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