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    4DBDD64E-D16C-4356-B247-03055D835315.jpeg 29E0A43E-9DB1-451D-9404-36406BD21CE3.jpeg Hi
    I am trying to change a old light switch to a new one but am at a loss because of the colouring of the wiring one wire is red and one is also red but together with a brown wire I included pictures! My new light switch has l1 l2 and m and a picture not sure what to do if you could help I would be grateful
  2. m is the common, L1 and L2 are the two "poles". For a standard light/switch use L1 and m, L2 is used for 2 way switching.
  3. Kimberly Labidi

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    Sorry so which wire goes in the l1 and m ? Red and brown one which is at the moment twisted together and the red one on its own ? Thanks Kim
  4. Kimberly Labidi

    Kimberly Labidi New Member

    It just one switch thanks kim
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  6. Are you sure you're up to this job? Electricity can kill.

    Look at how the old switched is wired, I would guess from the photo that the brown and red wires are connected to the common and the other sole red cable is connected to L1.

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