Synchron motor for Eco-Hometec 3-way valve

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by ditdotdat, Jun 28, 2007.

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    The valve leaked, the motor got wet, now it's dead. It looks exactly like the 'Drayton' one that SFD and everyone else sell as a "replacement for most common motorised valves" - same mounting points, same shape, same power, same colour wires ;)

    When I came to replace it though I discovered that the driving cog is the same size with the same number of teeth but the shaft is 3/4" long on the original and 1/4" on the replacement. Also, tragically, the cog rotates anti-clockwise viewed from the cog side on the replacement but it needs to rotate clockwise. The other difference is that the original motor is 6.7 rpm and the new one is 5 rpm, but I can probably live with that.

    Does anyone know if any other commonly available boiler uses a motor like this? I can't believe they had a motor specially made for this one application. Before you tell me to just replace the whole actuator, ECO HT want £100 for it. There must be a cheaper option that that!

    Funnily enough, the SFD motor is packaged as Drayton but is actually made by Synchron in the USA and the burned out motor is made by Cramer, also in the USA. And there I was thinking everything was made in China these days.
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    Can you take a photo of the valve and we might be able to identify it. Also is it 240v or 24v?
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    Cheers Martyn, it is 240 V (actually 230v) and there are some photos here

    I have talked to Eco Hometek, which is why I know that they want £100 for a replacement motor. It's not the valve that I want to replace (although I may need to soon) but just the actuator motor.

    I've found the manufacturer in the US, Hansen Motors, who makes Synchron motors. I think they sell something very close to what I need. It's a 600 series motor with a type C mount. 230V 60/50Hz 8/6.7 RPM 5W CW. 3.175mm (.125") diameter extended bearing 19.0mm (3/4") long. The pinion is just slightly longer than their type 46 pinion - 6.35mm (.250") dia and 6.35mm (.250") long and 4mm from the bearing bush. Their site is at

    I suppose if nobody in the UK imports these motors I'll just order one direct from the States. It may take a while to arrive but I'm in no hurry.
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    TBH, If the valve leaked I would err on the side of replacing the whole lot and not just the actuator. Eco have obviously gone for a none standard unit to lock you into them, but a lot of suppliers do that anyway.

    Sounds like you will be doing the fix yourself so at least you're not paying an engineer to do the fix.

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